Lots of traffic but no sales

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I launched my store about two months ago and started creating Facebook & Instagram ads for my products. I've been getting lots of traffic, mainly from everywhere visitors, but no sale. My store is a Video Games store that just sells Video Games (darknesshub).
Can someone explain why many of my customers are deciding not to purchase and give feedback on my prices/store in general. I will make any necessary changes as requested. Thanks for the help!
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please anyone can help me ?? i need to know whats wrong with my store????


This is an accepted solution.


     1. About your homepage

  • Add more promotion (try to highlight it and include CTA button)
  • Add more languages and currency to better serve worldwide customers
  • Highlight Cart button

     2. About Checkout and Payment page

  • Add more shipping and payment information including email, address, shipping fee (high/low/free), etc. and diversify them
  • Diversify Thank you note, send email/make a call to notify and give them thanks

     3. About Blog page and SEO

  • Add a blog page that helps you share more about your products and increase your site visibility
  • Add SEO related high search keywords in your title and product description to be higher rank on Google Search

       4. About your conversion rate

I hope this is helpful.





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