Lots of traffic no sales

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I’m getting 100+ visits a day and not a single sale www.greendivine.ca

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Hey there,

I went through your site and felt keywords are missing in some of your webpages. To get the target audience visits, you should also have target keywords. Product descrtiptions seems very elaborate, instead unique and firm descriptions works well to bring in targeted customers. I partnered with springbord for my ecommerce site, their experts were of great support in managing my business which enhanced traffic and improved sales.


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Hey, I went through your site and you seem to have picked out a very very, lucrative niche! The problem is that you're going to need to utilize Instagram, in the sense that you need to build up a following! Especially with the way some of your products are priced at the moment if you don't have a following, it doesn't matter how much advertising you do, some of your price points are just too high so you'll never sell!

The other pain point is that you need to get rid of the technology portion of the site. It doesn't really fit at this point. Now if you had a consistent 1k visits a day, and you were making 20-30 sales it would be a different story. 

The last thing is you need an about me, and possibly a mission statement. If you want this to work, you need to have your brand tell a story, and potentially get involved in raising money for a cause you're passionate about? 

Other than that, your store is extremely clean, neat, and easy to navigate! Working in the field that I do, I can think of 20-30 moms off the top of my head that are always looking for natural and unique products.

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Hi There,

I went through your store and it looks very good! 

Of course there will always be things to improve, however I don't believe that the issues of not getting sales are related to your actual store. 

It might be that you're not advertising enough or not doing that correctly. I think generating relevant traffic is the number ONE problem of every new Ecommerce store. It's quite a complex mission to create good advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook, if you're not familiar enough with the options available or the relevant audinece for your store.

You might want to try a Shopify app to help you, like AdScale.

AdScale is a 100% automated advertising solution for marketing your store across Google & Facebook Ads.

It uses AI Technology in order to generate for your store smart advertising campaigns that are targeting the right people, with the right ads, at the right time.

You can learn more in this link: https://bit.ly/2RMnSqn

Hope it helps

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