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Hi Joy, 


I've had a good trawl through and I'm finding the below:


Just had a look at your store and first this I notice is upper & lower case being used in what appear to be random places across the title bar and the order of the tabs is off. Put your home first, product range, blog, then all the policy type pages.  maybe change the text colour of the free shipping bit to draw attention. 


There's some double spaces between words in your about us pages and some others, might just be your font but I'd check. There's also a few other grammar mistakes, such as using full stops when a comma would be better. (particularly on the "about homepal brand" page) and it has cities below the sentence about jewels and pastel colours. I'm not trying to discourage you at all but some folks are sticklers for spelling & grammer, could write in word doc first or use grammarly to help here if you need it. 


"For quicker response, send a text or whatsapp to 07585 966045 or phone." I'd rearrange this to:

"For a quicker response, feel free to phone, send a text or whatsapp to 07585 966045.


your shipping policy is very vague and gives no idea of how long it will take to arrive to certain destinations. Have you checked out possible issues with customs in destinations? some like the Uk have value limits and are subject to tax & duty above a certain value. (just so your aware and can plan for these)


Promises - "designer" who is the designer/s? are they known?


Products - some of the photos look as if the material is wet at the bottom (particularly blue colours). Could just be the light from the plastic packaging but I'd fix it. there's also a mix of product photos and colour pallets on the products and none shown on models, I personally wouldn't buy clothing unless I can see it being worn. 


your logo isn't on the gift packaging, see if you can get the supplier to make it plain or add your logo. pretty box though. 


I know it may feel like i'm criticizing everything but I'm trying to give you an in depth view of what I'm noticing, but I know I need folk to "spell" out my mistakes to me, cos if I've put them there I'm not necessarily seeing anything wrong. 


Your still doing better than me with getting to checkout etc. but this may help. 


you can grill me back now lol



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Thanks so very much Mel.

I really like your improvement ideas - they are great.

Yes i am aware customs can be a problem with certain destinations.  It does say same day service and everything uduslly next day but can be 1 - 2 weeks, on the home page, but i agree this should be on the shipping page too.

The designers are known but are a trade secret atm :-)

Re possible wet products is exactly as you assume - light on the plastic film of the protective packaging.

I agree i need a model wearing the scarves., and i can fix the logo for the gift packaging.

Constructive criticism is fine, and I think thats what we are all asking for.

Yours is great but doesnt answer my biggest provlem which is why am I getting virtually no traffic onto my site, because without traffic moone even gets as far as the home page, let alone products or checkout.

I checked out your store for you earlier, without knowing you'd trawled mine !! :-) lol  Joy   (Thats my name, and it may wear out but my scarves won't !!! :-))



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Hi @homepal 


Really good job on launching your store. I think there isn't a ton to change, but I'm going to nitpick anyways, because there is always room for improvement :D.


Also I noticed that you don't have reviews. It would be good to add reviews for your products. Think about it when was the last time you bought a product without reading the reviews first? I think you should definitely add some reviews.


After browsing your store I noticed I wasn't able to find a sense of urgency. One of the main reasons why people don't buy from a store is because they feel like they can buy it whenever. A big thing that can help more of your visitors be turned into buyers would be by adding a sense of urgency to your store. One way to add urgency is to have a sale, and all sales need an end date. You can easily add a sale to your store with a countdown timer. One countdown timer that I recommend is .


Also I noticed that you don't have social media links. If you add some social media accounts to your store like Facebook or Instagram, it will help build trust with your store and help get more customers


Overall your store looks really good, I think with just a little bit of time and effort you'll be able to create a really awesome store!

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