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Hello Shopify Community,


I could use advice and help with my low traffic and low conversion problem. I launched my store Fit-Mecca.com almost 2 months ago and unfortunately no sales yet. I have run Facebook Ads, but still having trouble finding my target market. I do have a Facebook pixel on my site and Google Analytics to make adjustments, but still having this problem. Any constructive feedback regarding my site Fit-Mecca.com would be much appreciated.

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I just checked out your site. You have a great website name and I like some of the pictures you have on there, but the site is a bit disjointed.


I wouldn't want the first thing I see on a fitness site to be about finger strength or overpriced resistance bands. Show more of the leggings or sports bra, the actual apparel.


As soon as I got onto your site, I thought you mostly sold yoga pants. It's a great picture though. If the top half of the site is going to have black pictures, try to make the bottom of the site page match it more, so it could be more cohesive, maybe.


The last thing I will say is that if you are going to use drop-down menus then you should review your pages and add more products. There's only one product in Swim. Either add a lot more products, or just take it out for now.


You might want to think about not using drop-downs and just make each category just one page, if you can't add a lot of products. That way all will be on one page and it will look like you have a lot of products in the meantime.


All in all, it's a pretty good start. Work on some of these tweaks and try again.


I just started myself and would actually like your input as well, before I start running ads on my site.


Go to my website https://www.pinkywithabrain.com/ and let me know what you think!


Let me know about your progress with your site, also.


Candy P.

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Hi Candy,


Thank you for taking the time to view my store and for your feedback. You made a lot of solid points of how I can make my store better and I will work on the changes immediately. 


You have a beautiful website and I love the name. Did you get the idea for the name from the cartoon "Pinky & The Brain"? I enjoyed watching that cartoon growing up, just thinking about it makes me laugh. Okay back to evaluating your site. Your site is cohesive unlike mine and it is clever of you to have a Log In and Sign Up link on your header. Can I steal that idea from you? It looks like you have experience in web development.


There isn't much I can critique about your store, but if I were to knit pick I noticed the "Free Shipping Today!!!"  banner and wondered if your store is only offering free shipping for one day. If so, don't change it, but if you are offering free shipping every day just put "Free Shipping on All Orders".


The next things you could add are Instagram and Pinterest social media links to your site. Being you're in Women's Fashion & Cosmetics niche both Instagram and Pinterest pages will grow your reach and business. I'm sure you already know this, but I need to critique you on something sheesh.


Moreover, you should probably add a size guide to your clothing product pages. I'm saying this because when my wife shops online there are times when she orders clothing that is too small or too big for her. Or what she will do is order several different sizes of the same clothing then return the clothing that does not fit. This could hurt your return rate. As a matter of fact, this is what may happen to my store selling athletic apparel, etc. I think I have size guides for all my apparel so I'll see what happens. 


All in all, I think your site is good to go and ready to advertise after making these minor tweaks. I hope I gave you a better perspective on your site. Keep in touch and let me know how things are going with your store because I believe no one can be successful by doing things all by themselves. Thus, we should help each other in any way possible. 




Fit Mecca


HI There, 


Your store looks great! the product pages and graphics looks very good, but to your question, few things that I think you can improve:

  • most people are on mobile, so I'd recommend not showing the win a prize in the front page, so people can first know where they are, otherwise they might leave before checking out your products.
  • Looking on mobile probably better to put the free shipping , quality equipment ... banner lower down the page , so people can be introduced to your store and what you're selling first with the 3 great categories banners you have.
  • Would be better if not only the "Shop Now" button be clickable but the whole image around it, many probably trying to click it on mobile.
  • Change "Check Out" to "Checkout" it has different meaning
  • I clicked checkout and got to a black screen, I couldn't reproduce, looks like an intermittent problem, I've seen it today in another store and I now see that there's an open discussion about it, people are asking about just that from the past few days, I suggest you followup could be a real problem for you: https://community.shopify.com/c/Payments-Shipping-Fulfillment/Checkout-page-is-completely-black/m-p/...

In regards to Facebook ads, how many visited your store? and how many added to cart? I suggest you make sure your ads investment or marketing efforts leads to getting value or learning who is your most likely to purchase audience by capturing the people who visited your store, added to cart and purchased, try using Facebook ads with our new Smart Ads app to help you get there fast and design your first audience targeting: with https://apps.shopify.com/my-smart-ads , It creates professional dynamic collection ads and slider ads with products catalog on Facebook for your store and help you with constantly improving your sales with introducing better new learning audiences on Facebook.


Good Luck!


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