Low sales due to Asian sizing?

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Hello guys, 

This is my second online store that U have started. I used the first store to build my skills and put everything I knew into this store. Since starting this store I have made around 19 sales ranging from just $9.99 to $120. Unfortunately sale have slowed down and now stopped, I am spending $30 AUD a day on ads and getting between 200 - 500 users view the store a day. 

I have just ordered my first sample from a manafacture on Alibaba that will allow me to add my own logo/tags to the product and allow me to make the products in a sizing chart that suits my country. 

With shipping the products within my own country I would make more profit per item except for international sales that I would make less on due to shipping costs. 

I believe customers will be more inclined to purchase an item that is in their normal size chart and will arrive within 5 - 12 days anywhere in the world. 

I know their is more risk involved with importing my products and shipping them myself but I can make changes to the items I sell as I see them fit.


Store link: https://lumist.store/

Please give me your honest feedback on my website and the products I am selling.