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I need help. SOMEONE! ANYONE! For some reason, my Shopify store keeps saying stupid stuff. It won't load. Now, this is my story.

I live in Africa, presently Nigeria. I don't want to believe it's my location affecting it, so far it doesn't seem like it. My wifi is bad and so far I've been using my gadgets hotspot. I used my dads and Shopify was going great. Then suddenly it gave me some error loading problem. I  ignored it feeling its bad network and went on with my day. The next day the same thing happened. Now the third day I figured I got logged out, didn't know how or why. I tried logging in but it kept bouncing to the same thing. I chose to create a new account believing maybe there was something wrong with the old one and I couldn't even make an account! The store name section would take forever to load. Finally! A miracle! I got my mom's tab and used that hotspot. I CONNECTED!!!!!

I registered the new name which is the name of my store/company- It Gravid. Its a combination of all the names in my family and presently it's getting certain certifications to being a well established registered business which I'm trying to build with this platform- Shopify.

I went on with my mom's hotspot on the tab for a week and it was brilliant. Suddenly it stopped. I ignored again. Yet this time I was afraid. I didn't want to lose everything, I've poured out a lot of hard work and I can't just keep running away. I WANT A SOLUTION!

Recently I got my mom's phone hotspot and it did connect! I was shocked yet surprised. I thought there was something up with the connection I use. I'm working on getting my wifi back, what slowed me down is the COVID panic. I tried using oberlo to get in I couldn't. I tried getting to my admin page and still couldn't. Please help me. This is the link;

I wanted to go on youtube for a solution specified to this but all I got were normal site problems and other sites work fine for me. I NEED SHOPIFY PLEASE! The more time I waste the more my days are running. I have connected to a plan and if this runs out I would lose more!

Please, someone, help me quickly. I'm scared and losing hope. I've been soo frustrated, somebody help me. To even show how painful this is, it worked yesterday! I got a new chatbot and was editing and making my changes to the site and all. Please help me I'm running out of time.