Made first 5 sales in first week, but now just a lot of abandoned checkouts, whats wrong?

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Hi everyone so I started my store a week ago today and I had made my first few sales. However, that was due to overspending on ad's just getting familiar with my products.


Does anyone have any clue as to why I get over 10+ abandoned checkouts a day but no matter what I do, I can't seem to convert them?


I've done abandoned checkout emails, offered discounts, tinkered with payment methods, made checkout simple and easy, but I just cant seem to convert customers and now I have not gotten a sale in over 3-4 days..


Some quick stats

I average about 800-1000+ views a day and as much as 12+ visitors on at one time with over 60+ sessions getting to checkout...What am I doing wrong?


Here is my site:


Any advice would be great, thanks in advance!