Made the most sales in the first month, from there on declining sales month after month. Anyone know why?

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Hi guys,

Our shop was launched the 1st of November 2017. We had a conversion rate of 1.17% in this month, which we think was not bad considering it was our first month without much experience in ecommerce. We did a little advertising on instagram to get our traffic and worked with some small influencers. 
So we tought the next month (in December) we scale this a little bit and offer some promotions for the holidays and get more sales but the opposite happened. In the second month we had a conversion rate of 0.43%. Then January and February our conversion rate was around the same number, between 0.40% and 0.55%. 

We totally don't know why we can't get our conversion rate above these percentages. We have done some changes in the design of our shop, added a trustmark on the product pages and the footer, etc... 

I would appreciate it so much if you guys can take a look at our shop and maybe you see some things that can be improved to get our conversion rate up because we really have no idea what to do right now.


Thanks in advance!

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Don't really have much helpful advice as you've done an absolutely outstanding job with your website. The only thing I can think of is to re-evaluate your marketing strategies.

Good luck!

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Hi there, 

I agree with Nostromo - there's not a whole lot that jumps out at me either! 

I love your products, and you've done a great job with the site.  

As a marketing agency that focuses exclusively on Shopify, we find that November is usually the best month of the year for online retail. So that was probably a factor in your strong start. 

By contrast, January and February are usually very weak months, so that too is likely a factor. 

You've made an incredible start, so I would be very pleased with myself if I were you.

Now you're probably down to split-testing and making minor changes. If you continue to pixel visitors and retarget them, you'll find that many will still convert further down the line. It can often take people months before they actually convert. Perhaps someone you advertise to today will be looking for a pair of sunglasses as we move into summer and look you up. Retargeting has a compounding effect - it's why big businesses (e.g. McDonalds) never stop running ads. You might not be interested today - but you'll be hungry at some point soon, and if McDonalds is in the back of your head, you might just look them up. 

I'd maybe consider an email marketing program if you haven't already - including an abandoned cart sequence to push your conversion average up another few percentage points. Our clients have seen very nice increases in revenue just by sending out a couple of emails to people who didn't quite make it over the line. There are loads of reasons why people don't convert at that exact point in time - a little reminder will almost certainly get a few more to complete their transaction. 

Don't be afraid to get a blog and some content marketing going too - it's a great way to boost your social profiles and draw in some search engine traffic. 

All in all you're off to a great start though - well done! 


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@Nostromo Thanks for your feedback. We will do that for sure :)

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@Nigel Thank you for the compliments, it's great to hear that!

We were not aware of the fact that November is usually the best month and January and February in general are weak months so that's a little consolation I guess :) 

As far as the remarketing is concerned, I had never looked at it like this before but yeah it makes absolutely sense, as I have to admit when I look at myself whenever I want to buy something I often see ads on facebook or instagram for months before I actually buy it. 
So thank you very much for the great insights on that!

Aside from sending out abandoned cart emails, we don't have an email marketing program yet so that's for sure a thing I'm going to work on in the next few days as well as the content marketing. 

So I guess we have to give it some time and see if our efforts pays off over time.

Again, thank you very much for the amazing tips!

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Maybe it’s just me.... but I’d get rid of the “emoji”.  I think It looks more professional without it.

A little “clustered” at the bottom with the addons.  

Otherwise, really lookin’ good!

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Hi there,

I have gone through your website and I liked it so much. Your website is complete and organized. I think the reason for declined sales is the season. You had started at a good time which is the reason for your high scale sales volume. But I can suggest one thing that you can issue some more promotional offers and go for pull marketing.

On another note, as an image editing person I can say that you have done a fantastic job with your product images.

For future jobs for your product images you can reach us at:


Thanks- Kaoser

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Hi Caso,

That's an impressive store you have got there. 

-You could try putting some items on sale to grab eyeballs. 

-Try exit intent email pop-ups. See how that works for you. 

-I also observed that you are not using web push notifications. You definitely need to give that a spin. It helps to send triggered, automated sequential notifications. You can engage with the users and tackle cart abandonment easily. If this seems like something you should try, you can know more about it here

Here is something else you might want to consider -

Users come to your store to buy, and the 'Welcome to Caso Moda' just takes up space. You could probably have a dedicated About Us page for that. 

Hope this helps. All the best!