Main errors on my store and things I don't know how to do

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I am using Supply Theme. Error are below and next things I want to do are below that.


* In the collections I have added some code so it says how much stock or out of stock. The error is that for listings with variations it says out of stock even if some of the variations still have stock. 
* I have separate pages set up for "categories" that show collections. It is also referred to as "collections of collections". The "category" does not show in the breadcrumbs once a collection has been clicked on.

* The pages set up and linked to in the main menu called "Other Collections" and "Mobile Phones" do not show the collections on those pages. The pages appear blank.

* From the 2 listings that I have managed to find on google they both have 1 star reviews in the rich snippets, when they actually have 5 star reviews!!


I have also just deleted all of my payment, shipping and store information from each product description as I noticed google is/was considering most of my listings as duplicate content. Maybe they are blocking most of them because of this repeated information? Or maybe it's because I have eBay and Amazon listings the same?


I also want to know how to get the prices appearing in search results in rich snippets.


I also want to put in more thorough descriptions. Is it okay to put the entire description in bullet points? Most of my stuff has a lot of specifications but I have also put descriptive text in bullet points.


I have done lots of SEO but I'm sure there is much much more. For example, using google's structure data tool by pasting in product URL's there seems to be a lot of information that they want to know.


If you can help in some way :)


Note in this product page that the breadcrumb for the "category" Electronics is missing...

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