Making LOTS of NEGATIVE money!! Help me move to profitability!!

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I've been open several months now, and I've got my page trimmed down and minimalistic, going for functionality.  I'm trying to turn a hobby of mine into a business so I can quit the dreaded day job.... 

While I have generated decent traffic by pushing some facebook adds, none of them turned into paying customers.  All of my sales have been from friends or friends of friends.  Need to get byond that if I'm going to be able to quit the dreaded day job!! 

When I look at my dashboard, I see that it shows sometimes "You have had a visitor from ___ and they spent such and such amount of time looking at ____"  It always is a super low amount of time, like 12 seconds.  I feel like that tells me that my page isn't closing the deal.  

Open to suggestions!  Thank you, Clif

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, Clif!

My name is Jade, I am with the Social Care Team at Shopify!

I took a look at your website and have some feedback for you consider:

1) You created a Refund Policy, Terms of Service, and Privacy Statement in Settings > Checkout. What this does is when a customer has a product in their cart and they go to the checkout, they will see the option to view these pages (like this: We recommend making these pages visible on your website so that your customers can view your policies beforehand. Lots of people will visit a website and look for the Refund Policy before they even consider making a purchase so these pages are good to have on hand. We have a help document called Adding a store policies page to help you with this process. I made a video called Shopify - Adding Terms of Service, Privacy Statement, and Refund Policy that is also helpful with this. The video is a bit old and will be replaced shortly with an updated version. We have since changed the navigation but the steps are still the same. 

2) Shopify allows you to create a Contact Page that has a build in section so that your customers can message you. We have a help document called Add a Contact Page To Your Store

3) When I clicked the Facebook icon on the bottom of your website it did not work for me. This could be because I am in Canada and your Facebook business page settings may be setup for the United States. If you click the Facebook icon on your website and also notice that it is not working click Online Store > Customize > click the General Settings Tab > select Social Media. Where it says Facebook, change the URL to your Facebook page URL (you will need to open a new tab or window and visit your Facebook business page as a customer without being logged in to get the URL). Click Save

If your Facebook page icon does work for you and you only plan on selling to the United States then you can skip this. ?

4) You may want to consider making the background of your website white and the text black. While the black background and white text that you have now suits the products that you are selling, a dark background with white text can strain the eyes more. In addition, a large number of people prefer to visit websites with white backgrounds because they are easier to read. 

I recommend making a copy of your theme by clicking Online Store > click the Actions button next to your theme and select Duplicate (like this: From here you can keep the theme you have now with the black background and white text and make the copy of your theme that is not live on your website a white background with black text. From here you can ask your family and friends what they think and which website they would prefer to purchase from. This can help get the perspectives of other people and assist you in choosing the look you would like to go with. This is 100% completely your choice of course!

5) In Settings > Checkout under Form Options, you may want to check the box that says First and Last Name Required instead of just having the last name required. It's good to have the customers first and last name so that way you have this information for when you send their order to them.

6) You may want to change the layout of your collections pages to Grid instead of List so that your customers can see your product images better. Click Online Store > Customize > select one of your collections such as Men's Shirts (like this: > click Collection Pages (like this: > change the word List to Grid and click save.

7) You have great wording on your homepage that describes what your business is all about. I really like it and I feel that others will too. Excellent work with not only making your products in the USA but also using materials made the USA. 

Have a wonderful day and best wishes with your store! 

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I really know what you're feeling. It was always my dream to make for living on my hobby. Now I have invested all my money into a shop, and I am a happy person. Look, if you don't have enough customers, I would recommend you to improve the description of your products/services. The people that enter your sites first of all looks at the decoration, and your site should look really good to attract them. There is an entire science about that, called marketing. I would also recommend you read some tips from, it's really nice and useful!