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So we run a kid's clothing store, we are getting a good amount of sessions, most coming from Instagram and Facebook.  But we don't seem to get sales.  We're offering free same day shipping, we have really good prices.  Pics on IG get many likes. We are just not able to convert the visits and likes to sales for some reason.  Would love other people's opinion on our page, maybe you guys see something we're missing.

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Thanks in advance!

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Each product needs a description that tells people why they should buy from you and why they should buy that specific item. 

So you have same day shipping... but how long does shipping take to arrive? If it is fast i would plaster that on every product page and even in the shipping header. 

you should add trust seals below your add to cart button 


I would google some othwer children's clothing stores and see what they have that you are missing. You can also hire someone on upwork or fiverr to tell you everything on your site that needs fixed.

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