Massive improvements in engagement with my site/ads, but no improvement to sales/ads to cart

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Hi folks, my second round of advertising has been more successful than the first, i've had more impressions, engagements etc than ever, last night I hit 30 active users at once and my highest before now was 4.

However, despite these improvements i'm still not seeing any improvements in purchases/ads to cart. (So at least I know the shipping isn't putting people off!)


In the last 7 days i've had 678 sessions, 8 added to cart, 6 reached checkout, and 2 sales. The average viewing time is 30 seconds. Some days i'm getting high page views per customer, other times i'm getting 1 page view (i.e homepage then leave)

My clothing store is

Feedback would be great, thank you!




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Hi there! Maggie, Shopify Expert here  

Congrats on the success with your Facebook ads! When it comes to the website, it still feels unfinished - there's no trust signals, such as the About us page, Contact us page, or Shipping and Refund policy. Consider adding these pages, as that's often the first thing potential customers are looking for before placing an order. They want to be assured if you shop to their country, how much is the delivery or returns policy, who'ds behind the brand etc.

Also, make sure to iron the last issues, such as I noticed your social media links open on an error page:

Screenshot 2020-09-12 at 07.23.32.png


Here are a few guides that might help:

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Thanks for the review! I had the correct links for my social pages but not having 'https' at the start led them to a 404 page rather than the real link, wouldn't have caught that.

I did already have an 'About' page at the bottom and the shipping policy is listed elsewhere but i've added it to the footer.


Hopefully this will help a little!