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8 months ago, I took over a failing business and gave it technology. This business did not have any websites, infrastructure or social presence and zero digital marketing. I regrettably used GoDaddy for the first 7 months. After finding out that GoDaddy has zero anti-fraud and zero security measures, and that is fact and confirmed, and on top of that I have been destroyed by square because again like GoDaddy square has zero anti-fraud measures and zero security, they just blindly accept all transactions and again this is fact and confirmed so I went with shopify and I wish I had from the beginning. Not only are there several security tools in the options I found but shopify has the ability of apps and I searched fraud and found hundreds of anti-fraud apps. This good and a blessing. Thank you.

Now after 8 months and many battles with my partner, I feel like I am doing something wrong and I am just driving this business further into the ground. What I mean is for the last 8 months I have not a single sale at all and I don't understand why. Built an ecommerce store and spent over 500$ on FB marketing, hundreds on AdWords. I have 350 emails, some are businesses that I market too. I have made two bad ass commercials, posters and flyers. I have literally printed out over 1,000 flyers and it is a cool flyer and I manually placed these and handed them out from all states from Connecticut to Colorado and in between. I have a Rakuten account for 8 months, zero sales, I have had a cj affiliates account for 8 months and no sales, had a share a sale account for 8 months and nothing and been a part of AdSense for 8 months and made nothing.

Now I am in a heap of trouble, because of everything I have been attempting, our monthly bills are very high, office 365, adobe CC, LinkedIn premium, an 800 number, shopify, two website hosts, and excelify. A lot of bills and no revenue. Then I thought I made 3 sales back in the summer but they turned out to be fraud and chargebacks and now my account is thousand dollars negative, still fighting the dispute and all of this and myself have now caused my partner to go from a entrepreneur to a uber driver so we can keep paying for something that is bringing in zero ROI. I was told have Nov. and Dec. and he is pulling the plug.

I have 2,500 electronics with a focus on surveillance and internet security. Most of our products have a 7% margin and I am cheaper on some items than amazon. So, I don't think it is my prices. I know the electronic market is a hard one but in 8 months I should have made a sale. I simply don't know what I am doing wrong.

Can anyone help?

My shopify:

My other websites:

Is it my name? My logo? Please I need any feedback and I would appreciate any insight, thanks!

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Why did this take a week to appear?

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Hi Christopher! Maggie, Shopify Partner here :)

Well done on having a big passion for your business and pushing it forward - that’s already half of the work done. I am sorry however to hear about your frustration - it can be very depressing and lonely running a business, even if you have people around you.

When it comes to your website, it feels like it’s one step away from being a totally genius and converting website, or one step away from being very confusing.

You seem to have so many options you want to show your visitors, which is understandable, yet sometimes it can work against your conversion. When it comes to selling, less is more - the fewer options and products you display at once, the bigger your chance of a sale. When customer sees a lot of options to choose from, they can experience “analysis paralysis” and feel overwhelmed. That can definitely affect your sales.

Consider displaying fewer items on your homepage [perhaps only from your most popular collections] and then invite your visitors to browse further if they would like to see more items.

I have an impression, that while you work on your website, there are some of the elements that still need attention, such as “Grand opening special” text in your header, which doesn’t tell me what the special is, and doesn’t link to the offer page - it can be confusing:

Some of your products have images missing - that can also give an impression that the shop is perhaps forgotten/not active anymore, and may put some of the shoppers from buying:


Consider also displaying three items per row instead of five. It will spread the items evenly across the row, make the images bigger, and easier to see, which will help your visitors distinct the products much easier. It will give your shop more premium feel, which can help you boost your conversion rate.

The sliding images on your homepage - consider linking each one to a relevant collection or a product. This way, you can encourage visitors with a CTA [such as ‘Shop Now’ button] to click the image and browse your products. It will improve your store navigation [customer journey] and help you improve your conversion rate.

When you click on the Shop link, it displays all the products at once - so people need to click through a number of pages in order to find what they need. The side options panel, while helpful, it can give an impression you’d need an insider’s knowledge to navigate around your website and find the item you’re after. That can be a little bit discouraging. Make sure to make your store user-friendly and accessible for all users - from the total newbies, who just want to buy a cable, to more seasoned computer geeks, who look for very specialized equipment. Make your navigation user-friendly and people will enjoy browsing your website and seeing what other things you have on offer.

See how other brands do it - Laptops Direct have got top tabs navigation with easy to follow collection names, so you can choose to jump to the collection of your choice and narrow the selection right away:

Then, as you hover over each collection, you have additional selection, so you can narrow down it further - and it’s all easy to follow, even for someone less technology-literate:


Once a customer choose the type of device and a brand, they can narrow the choices further, if they are looking for something more specific, or browse all tablets from this brand:

See how you can make your navigation more user-friendly and accessible and your customers will love shopping with you.

Consider adding a detailed Shipping policy with your delivery rates and info of the international/domestic shipping. Link to it from your navigation, so people can locate it right away. Many online shoppers often look for this info before placing an order, to find out the shipping cost, so having this page easy to find can also help you boost your conversion rate.

If you’d like to learn more on how to improve your store navigation and connect with the right audience, make sure to book your 60 minutes consultation today. I can then prepare a custom strategy for you, which you can use when promoting your products. Click here to book your consultation today:

Hope it helps, and if you have any questions regarding driving free traffic, please email me at

Best regards,


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