Might be closing my store

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Think I am going to give up. Sick of spending money and not reaping any sales let alone the rewards. I have spent 100's of hours setting things up and advertising everywhere I possibly can on the net but still almost no sales... I might be flogging a dead horse, so this is my last hoorah. Any feedback is appreciated! The page is; www.merchformemers.com
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I hope you dont throw away the good hours you spent. Did get the expert help being offere (for a fee). I am frustrated too. And was where you are when I built a word press sight; hundreds of hours...hooked into analytics but no sales. I think once I've done all I can I will pay for additional help. 


I found the community forum looking for help so i'll give the community a try first,


Good luck. Being sheltered in place it would be ideal to get your shop the way it needs to be.