Migrated from Squarespace to Shopify (Hooray) and would love some candid feedback on our new store!

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We're a small shop of two that make custom wood, resin and hybrid case watches from scratch. Any and all feedback to help optimize our new Shopify Store would be great. 


We are working on blog content and will be adding that to the home page soon.




Hi @MakerWatchCo 


Welcome to Shopify :) 


Great job on your website. I checked out your Insta also and that looks awesome. Keep up the good work. 


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I'm sure you will also receive some great feedback from the community. 



Clayton Bates 

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Thanks for the mention  - you're a legend :)

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Shopify Staff
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Hi @MakerWatchCo,


Dani here from Shopify. Thanks for writing in!


First of all, welcome to Shopify! How have you found the migration process from Squarespace so far? Did you have a chance to look at our Squarespace migration help doc? I'm curious to learn more about your move! What was the main factor in your choice to migrate to Shopify?


Overall, your site looks great! Your watches are really beautiful. Do you plan to bring back any of the items in your Portfolio collection, or are these to show your customers a range of custom ideas for them?


I noticed the Best Sellers menu item links to the Classic collection. It may be a great idea to create a specific collection of your best sellers. This way customers will be able to see a sampling from multiple collections.


A small nitpicky thing, I would suggest moving the Straps menu item to a higher position in your Shop menu. Typically, you would want all of your products to come before gift cards. In this case, I would maybe even move it above apparel so it's included with the watches.



I noticed that the image on your About Us page is stretched horizontally, I'd recommend editing the image so that it appears more professional.

Are you currently using the Product Reviews app? If you have any reviews from your Squarespace store, it may be a great option to import these reviews so that your new customers can get an idea of the quality of your products.


If you'd like to take your review game one step further, then the third-party app Loox Reviews would be great on your store. Customers can submit their own photos with their reviews, and you can even have a dedicated review page to show a gallery of all customer reviews. I could see this being pretty cool with your store!


How are you currently marketing your store to your customers? If you're interested, our Shopify Academy has lots of great options to advance your marketing knowledge.


Let me know if you have any further questions, I'd be happy to continue helping you!


All the best,



Dani | Social Care @ Shopify
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Clayton, Thanks so much for the feedback and SEO recommendation!

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We really appreciate you taking the time to go through this and give us some actionable and candid feedback.


Migration Process: Since our Squarespace was primarily portfolio based we didn't have a lot of transactions/reviews worth porting over. So it almost felt like a net new build from scratch. I did have a look at the doc and a few steps were helpful indeed. 


The main factor to move to shopify was that we're shifting our model from 100% custom to a greater focus on small-batch made to order watches and needed a stronger e-commerce platform with more apps to support it. 


Portfolio - We're mainly keeping the portfolio there to give our custom clients and potential clients a reference as to what is possible. Since each watch is one of a kind due to the wood grain we can't exactly re-make one but we can certainly get close in style. We'll likely make more of what is popular and sells fast (Marble, Cigar, All Resin Black etc.)


Best Sellers - Done! Great Suggestion


Straps -  Done! Makes Sense


About Page Photo - Fixed (We think) thanks again!


Product Reviews - Didn't have any reviews on Squarespace due to the nature of customs (reviewed on Facebook). But we do have it set up now. And after the clients have had some good wear time we'll reach out to them regarding a review. Loox looks great as something to work towards when we have some more consistent cash flow. 


Marketing - To date, we have built our business fully organic primarily via Instagram, word of mouth and e-mails. We'll definitely be looking at running some ads in the new year and trying some new learnings as well!


Thanks again for taking the time to go through our site in these many details. We really appreciate it!


Your friends,


Justin & Nibin




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@MakerWatchCo wrote:

Clayton, Thanks so much for the feedback and SEO recommendation!

No worries at all. If you ever want to bounce any ideas of me reach out. 

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