Modified website after initial feedback, would love some more advice

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I would love some feedback on my website. I haven't 'oficially' launched, but i'm hoping i'm getting close to it. So a few notes:

- The product images are being re-done. 

- Logo, etc are currently in the works (just taking longer than expected).

- A blog post is in the making to replace the test posts, just haven't quite finished it yet. Should i publish my first post the day i launch? or just put it out there as soon as i'm done?

- i'd especially greatly appreciate advice on homepage content. Right now my idea for the 3 main links are a lookbook/moodboard page, a link to the social media page (currently linked to 'lifestyle') and blog link.

I would really appreciate any advice at all. Thank you in advance!







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Hey Jane,

Thanks for the background info on your store. I think it wouldn't hurt to have a few posts in your blog, so when customers get there they have a bit of content to read. You can also have your 'launch' blog post automatically publish itself on the day of, using this guide:

Here are a few notes on your homepage:

  • I love the top hero image, but wish I could see more of the bottom items it (maybe that's just my aesthetic preference) - a re-crop might allow this.
  • The 'Gifts under $50' link and image aren't working for me (but maybe that's in progress)
  • The 'Shop' drop-down links in the top navigation could use more contrast - they're a bit hard to read right now.
  • Some of the text (e.g. 'We are dedicated to curating...') is very small, but maybe it's the font type as well.
  • The Pinterest bar at the bottom doesn't span to the right edge, but adding one more item to your Pinterest might fix this.

Hope this helps, and good luck with your launch! :D

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Hi Jordan! Thanks so much for your feedback. I just wanted to clarify a few of your points - hope that's alright :)


- Top hero image: i'm not sure what you meant by 'more of the bottom items' - sorry i might be misunderstanding which img you're referring to

- I've tried to fix both the drop-down link in nav as well as the font-size of 'we are dedicated...' but it doesn't seem to be working (i'm doing it from theme customization). is there any other way to address this without having to code it myself?

- and i think by pinterest bar, you were referring to the instagram pics at the bottom? i haven't posted enough pics to span right, but more images to come soon! :-D



Thanks again for your feed back!

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Shopify Staff
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Hey again, Jane :)

Not a problem at all, I'm happy to help!

  • In the top hero image, the lower items were cut off for me at a weird point (e.g. the watch) - see screenshot. This will depend on the visitor's browser width, however, so it may be tough to control in every case - but re-cropping the image so the items in it are smaller (if possible), might help.
  • Regarding the drop-down background color, you might be able to fix this by choosing a lighter 'Header Background Color' in the Colors section of your theme customizer, or unchecking the 'Header Background Transparency' box just below that.
  • For font sizes, you should be able to control this in the Typography section of your theme customizer. For example, under 'Regular Text Typeface', try entering different font sizes, or choosing a different font. If you like the live preview changes, just hit 'Save' at the bottom right.
  • Right - sorry, I did mean Instagram, not Pinterest :) - but one more pic added should let it span fully to the right edge of the browser.

Cheers :)

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