Month 3 and Sales are Dwindling

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Hello Shopify Users! 

I am the proud owner of my own underwear store, Bulgeez. It is a veteran ran and operated store offering vibrant and loud american-made underwear. 

The store launched with great engagement. Sales were awesome and user feedback was killer. However, we're coming up on our third month of operations and sales are slow (and getting worse "/ ).

I would love some feedback on my store, website, and instagram. 

I know you all have a long checklist of items to do so I want to extend a thank you early and say I really appreciate your time.

Our website can be found at

I am worried it's not user friendly and our mission and values are not properly communicated. 

Additionally, our IG account can be found at @bulgeez.underwear

Again, all feedback helps!! 

Thank you again,

Johnny Zuniga 

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I'm going to start of with the fact that I'm a female, 26 years of age, and in a relationship with a male. 

I would not follow your instagram. I feel it's very manly. That might be what you're going for though. And if so, great job! However, I am the person that purchases my boyrfriends underwear and it does not appeal to me. The header is clever and cute. The foot on the abs picture and instagram feed is unappealing. 

They're also VERY expensive!  I would NEVER spend that much on ONE pair of undies for my guy to wear around. 

What I would do though, is buy him a set or actual pair for $26!

Have you thought about bundling them? 

The designs are cool and unique enough to give you leverage. 

Also, check out They're guaranteed and have very affordable pack options. 

Look at the main picture. It's two women. One kissing the other on the forehead. So it's appealing to women and to men. 

Hope this helps. Sorry if it comes across kind of harsh. 

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Thank you for the feedback. I completely understand what you're saying. We are after a specific market and that may be why sales are slowing. 

Our products are manufactured in the US which is one the reasons why are our selling price is so high. We will look further into our numbers and try to reduce the price.

Thanks again for the feedback! 

- Johnny 

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I took some time to go through your website and have a few suggestions on how to engage your customers and increase revenue. Some of the features which can be added to your website widgets are "Trending Products", "Top Sellers",  “Recently viewed products”, “Similar products”, and “Curated products”, "people who bought this also bought", "people who viewed this also viewed". Email campaign and browser notifications like “cross-sell recommendations after purchase”, “weekly new arrivals products”, and “Trending products, Bestsellers” add lots of value to increase conversions. On Facebook “trending products of the week”, carousal posts, and “Handpicked product of this week” can increase awareness and website traffic. U can also use browser notification and sms service for retargeting. 

I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on the same. When would be a good time to get 30 minutes to take you through our tool in more detail? Please mail me at

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Thank you Ankur, 

What is your tool? Does it provide everything you talked about in your message? 

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Hi There,

I have checked your store and it looks great. Below are my findings.

- Provide estimated delivery date of product.
- Give some related items of the products.

- Add trust badges like Secured seal, money back guarantee. You can check the below link for related apps 

- You can check our photo review app to get reviews in attarctive layouts with images.

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  • I like your concept and website design; however, I can barely see the top menu
  • I don't have a problem with your pricing because
    • you are manufacturing in the US which increases costs
    • you are a brand and not just drop shipping
    • you are new, and I'm assuming you don't have a sugar daddy (or mama) funding your brand
    • I am male (I think), and I have spent way more than $26 on one underwear, because I liked the brand and the design
    • if your product is of a high-quality, you can't afford to not price higher than lower quality brands
  • I do think your limited selection might be an issue
  • I see females wearing your undies on instagram, but not on your website. If you want females to purchase them for themselves, perhaps you should incorporate that aspect into your site
  • That crack on your Instagram should probably be hidden :-)
  • You might have to take losses for a while and either create special giveaways or pay influencers to get more brand awareness

Hope this helps,