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I have had an online presance for many years using Magento. We've just moved to Shopify - hoping it will be successful.

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Hey Paul,

I took a look at your store and it looks pretty great. It shows that you are professional and you know your way around the products you are selling. I have few tips that might help you improve your store even further. 

  • You have a large number of products categories. It is good because the customer has plenty to pick from. But items like Information, Fencing articles, Troubleshooting, Delivery terms and Blog can be easily overlooked in the large menu. Think about building separate menu just for those items so they stand out more. 
  • You have very good product descriptions. It gives your customer all the information they need. Good job there. But the product images are not so good. Some of them are low quality and pictures for one product are often in different sizes. Ideally, you want all your pictures in high quality and to be of the same size. That way it could look better.
  • Your social media links are broken. They should lead to social media pages of your store. If you don't have social media pages for your store you don't need to include the links.
  • Your products are very specific in a way that your customer needs quite a lot of time and research to decide what is best for his needs. That means that in a lot of cases you customer will not purchase products on a first visit. You should use remarketing ads to get back those customers that did not purchase. You can use our app ROI Hunter easy for that. It generates personalized ads with products your visitors left in the cart or have browsed. That will remind your visitors of your store and gives you more chances to make the sale. 

Hope it helps.


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Hi There,

I have checked your store and it looks great. Below are my findings.

- Provide estimated delivery date of product.

- Please add refund policies.

- Add trust badges like Secured seal, money back guarantee. You can check the below link for related apps 

- You can check our photo review app to get reviews in attarctive layouts with images.

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Thank you,

Delivery delay, guarantees, refund and all legal policies are covered in the T's and C's as are the GDP Regulations.

I had a host of reviews which are now lost - are you able to import reviews from Magento files?

Definition of Rugby - Do your best to kill the opponent with the ball then buy him a beer afterwards.
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Hi there,


I noticed on your store that since you are using Reviews and Wishlists, try enabling accounts on Shopify. Therefore, I see that when I click on the Wishlist icon on the product pages, it just directs me to the homepage. Perhaps, Wishlist functionality can be reworked on your website to function properly? 


Hope it helps :)

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Very nice decision.


Hope you will get more sales than magento.


If you need any help please let us know.


Here is a guide, hope it will help you more:


Thanks & Regards

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Hi There, 


I could see that you store already has most of the recommended stuff, no large banners, listing of data, clear navigation on left, contact data visible :). 


I feel that probably your theme needs some love. I would really love to see some modern fonts on the site. Also I noticed that some sections have weird UI issues (see screenshot). 


I also see that your store has quite a good variety but lacks a decent search. I would strongly advise to replace default search of Shopify with something like Sparq which provides dynamic filters, spelling corrections, search as you type experience. 


On another note, I would like to understand your reason of migrating from Magento to Shopify. How long were you using Magento?



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