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Hi Everyone,

Before I start to create posts here, I thought the best thing would be to introduce myself and tell you a little about my business (without self-promoting). I started using Shopify over two years ago, and I am so glad that I started when I did. I created dropshipping businesses, grew them, and then sold them. I got bored of it, so I decided to come up with my own marketing business. I created my business on Instagram first where I wanted to promote small businesses.

After I told my dad about it, he told me the name was horrible (it was TheShopSmallBusiness) so he actually came up with the name Beeureka (be eureka - be discovered). I started to branch out from expanding my social media marketing services and started to create email marketing services as well. I can say that I really do love what I am doing, at the age of 24 (25 in January), I would have never imagined in a million years that I can create a successful business that has helped me meet amazing people. So to wrap this up, I can't wait to learn from you all.


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Hi, Jarden.

Morgan here from the Social Care team at Shopify.

It's great to meet you! Thanks for sharing about yourself in the forums. I hope we hear from other entrepreneurs, partners and Shopify Experts on their stories in this thread! You will notice the Shopify team is active in the forums here, as well as many others from the community.

Aside from working for Shopify and speaking with entrepreneurs everyday, I myself am a business owner as well. I didn't realize how amazing entrepreneurship was, and bringing a unique vision to life until I did it! I opened my business at 23 and it was the best decision ever. So I'm very excited for your business to grow and for you to see your work pay off!

In regards to the business name, it's always good to take input and advise from friends and family, but be sure what you go with resonates with you! As you will be the one seeing it everyday and changing the name of a business once you are established is a lot harder than when you're starting out. Companies that "rebrand" with an entirely new name and concept tend to lose trust with some of their customers and following. So go with your gut sooner rather than later!

In terms of learning from others, I highly recommend checking out our Shopify Studio Youtube Channel. It's a collection of amazing content and inspiration from other entrepreneurs around the world. Here's a link if you want to take a peek.

On behalf of the forums community, we wish you the best on your business venture! Be sure to check in and let us know how it goes.

Any other forums members interested in chatting more about their journey to entrepreneurship?


Morgan | Social Care @ Shopify
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