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Hello Shopify family! My name is Kevin and I have an apparel line that I’m launching. Go to: and feel free to give me some feedback! I’m really excited about this new endeavor and getting to know and support you guys! Thanks in advance!!


Hi @L_G_L , congrats on your new store! I'm excited for you when all of your hard work is turning into reality. I'm Richard, CRO expert at PageFly #1 Shopify Page Builder. After a careful review of your home page, I have some comments as follows: 

1. Feature different product types into your menu navigation:

This will help customers know immediately what products your store are selling so they can jump directly to the product they need without wasting time browsing the whole catalog. I suggest you replace "Home, Catalog" with more specific titles such as "Home, T-shirt, snapback"; each will lead to the corresponding collection page. 


Be more specific with your menu navigation

2. Hero banner: 

As can be seen in the photo above, your hero banner right now is your logo, and the first thing customers will see upon opening your store is a big white space. Instead, your hero banner should clearly present your store's products, slogan, or any hot promotions. In addition, it should fit into your screen to deliver the full message and capture the attention of the customers. You can refer to the hero banner of Huda Beauty below as an example: 


 First, the hero banner fits into the screen and displays fully. Looking at it, customers immediately know this is a lipstick store. Also, they know there is a 1+1 promotion going on, which triggers them to take more actions.

3. Add an "About us" or FAQ page: Remember to include your shipping and return policy. Why? Those pages and information are important to build customer trust and keep them using your service. 

You can follow the video tutorials in this guide to know what to include in your About us page, and what steps to take to build that page. 

All the best, 


CRO Expert at PageFly - Advanced Shopify Page Builder - Empowering 90.000+ active merchants.

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Thank you Richard
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Congrats! This is awesome!


I agree with what Richard has had to say and have a couple things to add:

- I am personally confused as to why the website is but all of the apparel is Let Greatness Live - I would understand if Let Greatness Live is a line of clothing from Colson Clothing, but that doesn't appear to be the case, because the logo at the top of the website is Let Greatness Live. I would clarify this vision. Are you Colson Clothing? Are you Let Greatness LIve? Let Greatness Live by Colson Clothing? It's important to have a strong brand message. If you are planning on introducing other lines besides the "Let Greatness Live" line, I would suggest stronger branding around Colson Clothing. Have the logo be the Colson Clothing logo and make it clear that Let Greatness Live is a line within the Colson Clothing brand - a simple way to do this is with headers and the menu suggestions pointed out by Richard.

- The logo is quite small because the "Let" and "Live" are hard to read. And again, consider if this is the website you want to have for the logo.

- The black writing against the grey website background is straining on the eyes. Consider a different background colour, one that is more flattering to the plethora of colours your merchandise comes in.

- Because the products are against the grey background, they look like they've been roughly "cut-out". Consider using white backgrounds for the photos and not cutting around the products. (I.e., use JPGs, not PNGs - no transparent backgrounds)

- Consider searching through and choosing a font that represents your brand more, and is more cohesive with your brand's identity - for instance, more masculine. The font should still be very, very simple and easy to read, but the font being used now is a little off. Go for less of a typography/typewriter look, and for something more simple. Also consider using only one font or two that work better together.

- There is the word "CUSTOMCAT" underneath the products. I'm not sure what this is, as a consumer who doesn't order printed or custom clothing. If it isn't common knowledge, consider not having it there, as it adds confusion.