My data will removed if i changed theme

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Hello Experts 



I am planning to change my booster theme into turbo theme. Just need to ask about my data & application data & codes that are already installed will be removed.


Awaiting for your response.




Bhavya Kher 

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It well depends on the app, if the app keeps its data on the developer side you don't loose it, if the app adds the data to your theme, you loose them and will have to go through the setup process again. All custom changes to the theme will most probably be gone, so you'll have to replicate them in the new theme.


With apps in general, you'd want to go over each app and ensure it is working as expected.

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Hi there @Storetrinity!


Don here from Shopify. :)


Any coding edits you have made to one copy of a given theme will not be automatically carried over into any other theme copy you add to your store.


This just means you will need to reproduce any edits you had made to your original theme in the new theme you are adding to your store.


These edits are unique to each app you add or customisation you perform so would not come as part of a new theme downloaded to your store and as a result will need to be added fresh to this fresh theme.


Are you changing themes to get more functionality, for aesthetic purposes or for business reasons?


How are things going with your business generally? :)





Don | Social Care @ Shopify
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For  business reasons Does this effect the conversion ratio & what u think about booste theme as i had heard that this is one of the best theme we have