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I launched my shop there is soon 2 weeks I have a lot of visitors but I have no sale .. can you take a look and tell me what I need to improve?

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Hi dear! I like your store. It is very hard at the beginning. Don't get discouraged! I saw you are missing an About Us page and a Terms of Use page. The themes already have templates by default. Go to setting, choose Legal and select. Then added to your page. I saw you have the refund and return policy, so you probably are familiar with it. Then if is like that you only need to add it to your Quick Links. You have reviews and the security badges, that helps to build trust.

Michelle B. from support sugeested the app Lucky Orange to help you with marketing strategy. It is great, it helps you to see live what your customers are doing when they visit your store, in that way you will see why they are not buying from you. I love it! And it adds security. I'm there too like you, lots of traffic no sales but I have made a lots of changes since I got the app. Some customers got to my store strictly to read the policies and then started seeing products.

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