My strategy doesn't seem to work dont know whats wrong.

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I just launched my store a week ago. And tried instgram and facebook ads. I get traffic like 40 to 60 but it slows down but dont get any sale. I just want to know what should i need to improve. This is my website i dont if i choose the right niche.
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Hey, @Guachelli!


Thanks for reaching out today. First of all, congratulations on launching your store! I know the first sale can feel really hard to get but do, it really gives you the confidence to build on that momentum and generate more sales.


One of the first things that stood out to me in your collections pages that could be improved is the organization of your product photos. When you import products into your store, Oberlo and Aliexpress are generally going to bring those stock photos that will vary in how they are showcasing their products. When your collection has a variety of products that don't share the same continuity with the photos, it can take away from the professionalism of the store and make the page look overly busy. What you'll want to do if you set all of the default photo (1st photo) for each product to be as similar as possible. Here is an example website that does a good job keeping their product photo background in sync.


For example, if most of your suppliers offer a photo of the product with a white background, set them as your default product photos. To arrange your product photos, you will want to go into each product and drag the photo you want as the default to the front. I've created a screen capture to show you how.


I think you could also benefit by giving some character and life into your homepage. Since it's the first page visitors are typically going to see, you want to make a lasting impression that engages them. I would suggest going over our Homepage Design 101 Guide that covers a dozen tips and recommendations to make your homepage stand out!


Lastly, I wanted to provide a handy resource for learning Facebook advertising. Running Facebook ads is fairly easy to set up and get going, but as you may have discovered, a great advertising campaign that yields a positive Return on Investment (ROI) is much trickier. It's beyond getting X number of visitors to your store through your ads, but the quality (relevant customers) of the traffic is crucial. We have a guide here that is very useful to those getting started with Facebook Ads.


LIf there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.


Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @Guachelli,


I wouldn't worry too much. Your traffic volumes are still very low and so it's not possible to draw any conclusions so far.


I would suggest trying Google Ads instead of social ads (at least initially). These ads target customer intent much better than social (e.g. someone searching to buy your product, instead of someone browsing Instagram).


I've had a quick look at your website. There are way too many pop-ups. I'm also getting a Safari pop-up asking if I'll allow to use cookies while I use your website. That would concern me as someone looking to buy from you.


Your store and products look good. I would drop the partner products at the bottom as it makes the website look a little spammy. And I would reduce down the number of products you list on the homepage. The job at this point is to get people deeper into the website.


Hope that helps - Gareth 

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Hi @Guachelli! Gabby here from Spocket's Community team.


I can see that you've already managed to consider most of the suggestions and tips from the other replies so kudos to that! Just wanted to also add my insight to your case:

  • First of all, good job with the structure of your site. What you want to sell is pretty clear and navigation is pretty smooth and easy for me - the sections of your site are also placed accordingly in my opinion.
  • I also noticed that your copywriting with your product names and descriptions is on-point! You described each item carefully, which is a great way to indirectly say to your customers that this is why they should make the purchase. I always recommend this to most dropshippers/online store owners I handle on Spocket as unique copywriting makes your store stand out from other existing stores. It also adds personality to your store, which is good for your branding. This also extends to your captions on social media - your text is commendable. From what I've notice from most dropshippers who do commit to also managing social media accounts for their businesses, they usually just put the name of the product and flood the caption with hashtags.
  • From what else I can suggest to boost your sales, I'd go with engaging with your customers more. I can see you've already established customer support on Facebook as well by adding the message pop-up feature. Here's an article from our Spocket blog which I think can help you in this aspect: 5 Easy Steps to Grow Your Traffic By Engaging With Your Customers. I know you already mentioned that traffic is not a problem for your site, but this article expounds on that and shows methods on how you can convert that traffic to sales via customer engagement. 

Hope these help and feel free to respond to me should you have questions! The blog also contains other tips that you might want to consider using as you operate your store.