My website World Drop Shop went live 25/12/18.


My website is called World Drop Shop, it was setup as a general website rather than a niche website.


Since it went live on 25/12/18, I have done a total of 10 sales. I pretty much started this website with no money. I don't think that I am doing enough to convince customers that my website is safe to purchase from. I also lack the ability to write product descriptions that entice the customer to buy.


I have changed products on my site 3 or 4 times, thinking that I'm not choosing products that are popular enough. The website is simply not performing financially, I want this website to work so badly, but I'm running out of ideas and patience. The latest selection of products on the website, have the highest sales on AliExpress, I went through each category and cherry picked the best ones.


Give me your honest assessment and throw me a lifeline with some ideas that are actually going to work.


Thank you