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Hi Kenneth!:

Glad to hear you! If you have any question or any issue, just contact me!

Hope our app helps your Ecommerce to keep growing!

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Hi Kenneth! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

I love your homepage and the images you used, very down to earth and easy to identify with.

About us – consider adding more content to this page, make it 500+ words long, link to other parts of the store, tell about your brand, your story, inject personality and build a rapport.

Shipping – consider adding this page, make it 500+ words long. Tell about your shipping process, dispatch time, couriers used etc. It will add more credibility to your store and build your trust and authority. People often hesitate before buying if there are no shipping rates clearly displayed.

Add information on the returns process – do you accept all returns or are there exceptions? Will the customer pay for the shipping? How long does the process take? Include as much information as possible, that way customers know they can trust your store, as you have a system in place in case of trouble.

Products – add longer SEO friendly titles. It will help you rank better in Google and get found by the right shoppers.

Blog - Consider adding a blog. It will help you rank better with optimized content, connect with the readers, keep them for longer and make your site fresh from Google’s perspective. If you cannot post that frequently, consider outsourcing a freelancer to create regular SEO friendly content for you.

Social media – open the links in new tabs

Facebook – you do post regularly, remember to vary your content and post 40% created content and 60% curated (shared from other sources). People don’t like brands that pitch all the time. Tell of new trends, interesting or funny facts, include your keywords, hashtags etc. Make sure to use scheduling platforms to post twice a day at the same time – it’s best for SEO.

SEO score: 66/100

Meta title: “Status - STATUS”; meta description: “Your status once determined your rank in society. Today, it is the simplest form of expression. ”

The two values above are visible in SERP (search engines’ results page), so it’s important to get them right. Remember to give people strong reason to click on your link, tell about your brand, products, unique promotion, include strong CTA to encourage them to visit your website.

Word cloud test detected that most used words are ‘Women, Men, Status’. Make sure to have a correctly optimized content to comply with current algorithms and help Google direct visitors to your website based on their search terms 

Email me if you need help improving your website!

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Maggie Tuczapska

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