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Hi there! 

I need help with my store. Not sure why but I’m not getting any traffic. I also did an Instagram ad and got only two clicks in two days. Not sure it’s an SEO thing, a product thing, a marketing thing. Need some outside advice. 

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Hi Chantelle,

It seems like your store is really well targeted - you have a defined niche that will appeal to the audience with an "insight" knowledge - culinary fans. The heritage info you include on the homepage is very appealing - it creates a rapport with the visitors and gives your products a deeper meaning.

When marketing to a niche like this, ads don't always work, as you can see.

A much better strategy would be work with influencers in your niche - people with large following and posting content similar to yours - culinary theme humorous content. This way you know that their audience will be most relevant and most likely to be perceptive to your content as well. Arrange a sponsored post with this Influencer - you can ask them to review one of your products and create a post on their profile. This kind of strategy is powerful and can bring plenty of relevant traffic in a short period of time. Make sure that you have defined offer ready beforehand, so you make the most of the surge of traffic. 

Make sure to share your content via social media and also appear in the most relevant searches for the target keywords. I think people who would buy these items would get them as gifts for their friends interested in the culinary topic, so you'd need to think of what search terms they would use to find your products. You can discover the best performing keywords via free keyword research:

Optimize your website then using these keywords - learn how to do it in this FREE video course: How to SEO your website and get to Google #1 in 3 Months.

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I just had look into your store. It's looking great.
I suggest you can add your store blog. Blog gives you the chance to make important substance for your clients. Utilize this as a promoting strategy to manage movement back to your site. And it make better Your Website's SEO , Increase Traffic to Your Website through inbound links.
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Hi there,

Your store looks amazing with niche products. Adding an AI product recommendation app on the product page would be really helpful for you to increase the saleability of each product. Your customers can discover more matching product as per their likings. I recommend an app for this, do a try. This I found in the Shopify app store, its percentage similarity is way better than other apps in the store. 

Good luck.

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