Need Feedback on my Store ;) First Month 1500 Visitors but only 10 sales.

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Hello everybody,

i have started one month ago and i have a very small Conversion rate. Thats the reason why i need your feedback for my store. The must be something wrong. 

I am doing fb ads (Just a bit of testing, dont want to send more people on a site that didnt make sales).

And i have some Influencers promoting my product. I dont know how profitable this is but gave me a bit of traffic.

So this is my Shop: 

I am selling my own Products no DS.

Thanks in advance, Laura ;)

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Hello, Laura! 

Karlie here from the Shopify Guru Team! I would be happy to check out your storefront for you and share my feedback findings!

When I take a look at your website I notice that your brand and website theme is easily recognized. I like the consistency of your brand, your colour scheme, graphics and logo. One thing that I would recommend adding would be a favicon to your website. We have a really great doc that you can check out here which goes step by step through adding a favicon to your storefront. Adding a favicon will just define your brand more and keep a consistency with the feel of your website.

To keep with the theme of consistency; I would also recommend taking a look at your product images to make sure that they’re all similar in formatting (square or rectangle), resolution, and have the same background - doing this will make navigation easier for your customers and will provide a clean and professional look.

On your product pages I can see that you have your shipping and payment policies typed out below the product image. I love the idea of having these policies clearly shown on the product page so that your customers have all of the important information right infront of them while they choose their product, but it’s lacking some detail. I would add some more content and explanations for your shipping and payment method info to improve your product pages.

I can see when I go to choose a product variant option that the product image isn’t updated with the right variant option, this can be easily resolved by using an app! Check out the apps; Variant Image Automator by StarApps and Variant Image Penguin if you’re looking for a way to fix your variant images. 

Having an ‘About Us’ page could be really beneficial for you as well. An About page would let your customers see who you are and what your are as a brand. This can help with improving customer-merchant trust and growing brand identity. We have a really great blog resource on how to compose your ‘About Us’ page that you can check out here. When you’re ready to create your ‘About Us’ page, you can use our help guide here for step by step instructions.

It looks like you offer international shipping for your worldwide customers which is fantastic. To make your shop easier for your international customers, you can always use an app that would provide your customers with the option of having your storefront translated to their native language. If you’re interested, you can check out the apps; Langify and Multi Lingo which do just that!

You can also add multiple currency options to your store so that your international customers can also navigate through your products while seeing their native currency. You can achieve this manually by using this guide or by using an app like; Multi Currency or Auto Currency.

Last but not least I would encourage you to run a test order or two through your checkout to see if there may be any errors or issues that would be stopping your customers from checking out their order. We have a really thorough guide that you can check out here that would provide a few different options regarding testing your checkout and payment gateway.

As for conversion, be sure to take a read through some of our awesome blog resources regarding conversion optimization as well! I would suggest reading through The Beginner's Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization and 4 Checkout Conversion Killers!

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions - be sure to ask and we would be happy to help!


Shopify Guru

*Karlie* | Social Care @ Shopify
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You have a good collection of products along with good looking website.

The only thing I want to suggest you to open your social links in the new tab which are placed in the footer section. They are opening in the same tab resulting in taking off from your website to another platform. Basically most customers wont like to go back to the previous page which takes a bit time to load. This may also effect on you sales channel.

All the Best...