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Hello Shopify Experts!!

I am new to shopify and just launched my store not long ago. I am selling pets supplies, including costume, house and beds, daily supplies for pets. 

What I have done so far is to recurit more fans and followers on Facebook and Instergram. I post 1 post each day so far. (Contents: pets related)

Could anyone give me any feedbacks on my store?

Online Store:



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Hi Lincy,

Your site is very attractive. Here are some recommendations for your store:
- If you have video with the products you can add it to your website. Considering that you sell pets supplies, I think it will be nice and funny, so your store will be more engaging.
- For providing a better impression of your store, add more real life photos with pets, not toys.
- Opening social links in new tabs will help not to drive traffic away from your site. It will be more convenient for the customers to stay on your store page neither reload it again.
- Consider starting a blog. It’s a great way to bring the most relevant traffic to your store and create a rapport with the potential customers. Showing your expertise through the blog post articles will have a significant effect on your conversion rate.
- Use the darker color of the main text (for example, black). In this case the "Add to card" button will be highlighted by color. It can attract more attention of the customers.
- The price of this product depends on the size. Add this information to the map of Size Details or specify it in a description of the product.
- In order to create a greater consumer preference add "Cross Sales" and "You may also like" blocks on the Product page or just one of these.


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