Need Someone to look at my store and tell me why I'm not making sales

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I have been running ads on instgram pages but I'm getting no sales please help

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There are lots of T-shirt shops...

What distinguishes you from them?

Talk about that, is this your own art, or a cause.. you don't seem to have anything to hook clients. You seem to be relying on them just wanting that particular image but is the price competitive? Or maybe quality of the T-shirt? Are the fabricators paid a decent living wage? You need something for clients to want to support you as a business. 

After that variety is key in that sort of business... so more images cause you're relyings on them wanting THAT shirt. 

Just nothing stands out to me as it is.. this is all meant to be constructive if a bit harsh, not intended to offend just looking to give helpful criticism. 

Hope you can get somethin useful from this! ~Lingerie for people of all genders.
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Hey try they have ways for you too start making sales. Thanks and good luck!!! 

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The logo ...needs work and why surplus???

The that a free image, try to use your own products and create one 

Since you sell t-shirts of iconic figures...display the image of their faces as the featured product and on clicking can see the actual t-shirts images

Make it interesting,...blogs etc

Add some promos buy 2 get a free something else


Hope this helps




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Thanks for the help guys I will definitely make some changes .

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Hi Kael,

Chintan here, Expert eCommerce Shopify Tester. Helped 25+ store owners to make their websites more user-friendly.

In my view, to improve user experience on website and thereby, conversion rate, giving fablous look and feel with no visible bugs to your site is very critical. If user finds any visible bugs or mistakes on your website, there are more chances that they will not buy anything from your site and may not come back again.

I have done first level of review of your website and below are some of my intial observations:

1) Please reduce size of top banner having logo "TEE SURPLUS". taking lot of space.

2) "SHOP FOR" and "View all Products" both are taking user on same page. Please remove duplicate links and have only one.

3) Try to display few promotions/SALE on HOME page to attract users

4) For buyers purchasing online, return of items is very important as they are not able to check items like when they go in local shops so, try to put some text regarding "Return" at the top of page. It will boost user confidence.

I have tested many shopify sites and so, can help you improving your current website to make it more user friendly and to improve conversion rate.

Let me know if you need more help.

Chintan Chokshi
Skype: chintanc-sam