Need Store Feedback Please!

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I'm looking for some feedback on the new store that I created, I'm having a difficult time finding products to use and already spent money on ads and such on a previous store. Looking for any feedback positive or negative before spending more money on ads! Thank you very much!

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Hy @boleathers 

Welcome to the shopify family just looked at your Store. It is really cool.Advertising on social media channels is a powerful way to connect with lots of potential customers in creative, fun ways. Social media advertising can be anything from a simple Facebook feed post to a taco-shaped lens on Snapchat.

Use tools, like Google Analytics, to track which channels your target customers are using most, and focus your marketing efforts on these platforms. If you get confused by the relatively new terrain of social media, check out these guides to Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, and Snapchat advertising to get started.

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