Need Unbiased Feedback

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Would love feedback from people that I have never met.  I have made some sales online, but most sales have been in person.  Dont't hold back


Lamont Burton

Monty Bello LLC

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Hey Lamont,

Your store looks good! I'd consider giving the homepage images a little more professional touch. They provide the tone for the entire experience, so it's important to ensure they're visually appealing and tell a story about your brand.

Another issue you should consider is fit concerns - it's difficult for visitors to know which size they should order, since every store has slightly different sizes. This leads to huge drops in conversion.

Here are a few great ways to overcome these concerns:

  1. Add measurements of the items. Shoppers who know their measurements will be able to easily select the right size.
  2. Mention the model's body size (height / measurements) so that people with a similar body can compare and relate.
  3. Use customer reviews. Most online shoppers wouldn't even consider buying from a store without reviews (I'm sure you use them too when shopping online). I'd love you to check out our app, Loox - Fashion Reviews (, which automatically collects rich reviews from your customers that include their photos and body details. This way, you can show a variety of real people wearing your items and increase confidence for all types of visitors. 

Hope this helps!

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Great advice from the user above, the only thing I can think of that wasnt stated already is resize (smaller) your store logo as it creates a lot of white space in the header. By resizing your customers can atleast see the first couple of products without scrolling, and it will look a lot more professional.

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Hey Lamont

When i clicked on your site, I felt like i was looking at a site for a family.   Like a site where an extended family all shares their photos.

Your problem is your site doesn't look like a clothing site until you get down to the featured items and I don't know how many people would bother scrolling down.

GET RID OF THE SLIDE SHOW.   It is killing you.

fill up the home page with featured items, featured collections and if you want to make a slide show make each side look like a banner that promotes a special.

Look at big name clothing stores and then look at your store.

Do what they do.