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Hey professors,

Behind the scene: I was not going to start this ecommerce store at all. Actually I run a digital design and development agency. I was got hired by two big ecom stores in the same niche to do design work, both the companies came to us around Holiday season and then ditched us all of a sudden. I am not going to name any but I really felt bad from such arrogant behavior from their owners. I have approached, interviewed, convinced, trained and recruited half a dozen designers for them to help scale their business. All designers are super talented and come from developing countries. I couldn't just leave them stranded because my client withdrawn without any prior notice. So I had only one choice

Start something similar on my own to keep those designers with me and keep their morale high. 

Current scenario: I have been trying to learn a lot since last 15-20 days, barely sleeping 3-4 hours a day. Learned about Shopify and essential apps to use. Learning about facebook ads and ran couple of them. Got visits but no sale, after researching on other threads I got to know that I have to focus on right demography and audience. But if you are an experienced ecom store owner, would you please mind giving me tips about what can be improved on my site? 

As well as if you know how to run facebook ads for such niche, I'd like to borrow couple of minutes of yours to figure the next step. I can offer my design/development services in return as I want to keep maintaining my funds for investing in ads.

Store is at 

Thank a lot in advance! Really appreciate your efforts in helping us out from this depressing situation. 

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, Peter!

My name is Jade, I am with the Social Care Team at Shopify.

I'm really sorry to hear about what happened with your previous clients! It's really admirable of you to build an e-commerce store and help keep your team employed and encouraged! I took a look at your website and have some feedback for you to think about and consider implementing.

1) When I first went to your website, I wasn't 100% sure what you do. Your slideshow image on the top describes that you make artwork of peoples pets, but when I scrolled down the page I saw that you sell pet products that are not related to selling customized products. It wasn't until I reached the bottom that I saw you sell various pet products as well as do artwork of peoples pets. I feel there might be a better way of displaying your artwork and the pet products you are dropshipping so that it doesn't get confusing. Design is not my strong suit but there are lots of great Experts in our E-commerce Forums under E-commerce Design that can help and provide good feedback. I also recommend creating an About Us page so that you can describe your business (your artwork and your product store) to your customers. We have a blog post about creating an About Us page called the untapped potential of About Us pages that goes into more detail and has good examples.

2) The popup that appears when you first visit your website to spin and win a prize is too widely used on the internet to the point where it is generally frowned upon because it can make your website seem like you are trying to make a quick dollar instead of being a business that can hold your own. Don't get me wrong, I highly encourage you to have a popup on your website and it's great to promote discounts as well as run contests and giveaways, it's just the app you are using in particular that I do not recommend. 

3) There are two clear signs that you are dropshipping your products - many of your product titles are worded in a way that is unnatural and your product descriptions have information that is written in the same format as your dropshipper. For example, your 2018 New Product For Grooming Your Dog - Efficient Glove For Gentle Deshedding and Bath Pet Supplies has a product title that should be changed to something more pleasing to your customers. The product description has the product description from your dropshipper (see image below). It would probably be best to remove the dropshipping information entirely from your product description and maybe add a bit more detail to your product descriptions to attract your customers. Our blog post 9 Simple Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell is a good article to check out when writing product descriptions

I hope this information helps! Have a great weekend! 

Jade | Social Care

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I agree with Jade. ? 


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Thanks, Jade , For your perfect tips. It's very important for all.