Need feedback on my shop.

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I would love feedback on my shop. No sales and struggling.



Thank you!!



I'm Richard - CRO Expert at PageFly Landing Page Builder. Congratulate on your store. So I have some comments on your homepage. May it help!

1. The hero banner

In the first 5 seconds when I visit your store, I have no idea about what you are selling. You should better put a banner on your home page that can reflect the products you sell.


2. The menu

I don’t know what you are selling when seeing your banner. I find the menu. Oh, your have so many collections in the menu. It’s so difficult for me to remember all your products. I suggest you to rearrange your products to big collections that contain smaller related collections. This helps customers have an overview of your products you sell.

And you should make your menu visible right on the first screen when customers visit your page. You can consider of a horizontal menu instead of a vertical menu. I have 2 suggestions for you:

Bear EssentialsShop – Bear Essentials Shop 2020-08-27 21-41-26.png

 Also, you’re missing an important field on your menu, search field. Your store has so many products, a search field can help customers quickly find a product you want to buy. It’s also the quickest way for them to filter your products.


3. Content on your home page

You have a heading named “Featured Collection” but you show the products, not collections. Also, you only show a small part of products you have. If customer only see your page without seeing the menu, they can miss a lot of products on your store. They think you only a few products and they will leave your site.

Bear EssentialsShop – Bear Essentials Shop 2020-08-27 21-46-04.png

 I suggest you put a collection list at the top of the homepage which shows all your collections.

Then you can feature one to two best seller products.

You can add a section of testimonial or a product video…

At the bottom of the page, you should put some links of policy: shipping, return,… and clickable icons of other social channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram..(I see them on your banner but it’s so small)


4. Call to action

It’s unbelievable that you have no Call-to-action button on your page!!! Do you know that a CTA button is very necessary to increase conversion rate.

You should put a primarily CTA button on your banner and 1-2 other CTA buttons on your homepage.

So finally, I think your home page have many things to improve. Your store can became more attractive and get more sales.

And I think this article will provide you many tips and tricks to design a converting page.

If you find my comments useful for you, you can like or mark it as a solution. Have a nice day and stay safe!


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Hey @Bearse , 

I agree with the other posters here to fix some of those issues. But right now we can only point out things we see.

There's a lot of the process we can't see.

My advice is to start tracking your data and then make the changes and see if it impacts your metrics. You need to look at it from different perspectives not just conversion rate, but bounce rate, time on page, cart abandonment rate, and product detail view rate at the minimum to understand what can be improved. We also do video replays, so you will be able to collect replay videos of your customers, journey through your website to know who, why, where your customers are dropping off. Time to stop doing guess work.

If you would like, I can provide a free analytics consultation which involves:

  • getting you started on tracking data
  • taking a deep dive into your data: look at where your traffic comes from, what they do on site, why they might be dropping off
  • identifying metrics and areas that could cause issues
  • working together to see what we can improve to bring up that conversion rate
  • at the end of the day you know your market the best, but I can help to provide key insights and a second opinion on what could be improved

If you are interested just send me your email in a private message and we can work together more efficiently via email. 

If you have any questions, I'm open to being fully transparent. I'm really just looking for some positive reviews for my app.


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