Need help don't know where are people not completing there checkout

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My website is I have been live for about 14 days. So far in 14 days I have 531 sessions, 15 sessions people have added to cart and 3 sessions people have reached checkout but no one has bought anything yet.


I don't understand why I have spent about £40 on marketing and I don't know if my website is not good enough or I am not targeting the right people. I will pause my advertising right now until I get some feedback because there is no point spending money if it is not getting me sales

I have no idea what is going wrong and I would love some helpful feedback so I know what areas I need to do to get that first sale!

Thank in advance 


Hi @Hero98 


Shopify is all a learning curve my friend. Keep working on it and I'm sure you will see results. 500 views isn't really that many. I'd work on your website and maybe doing some Organic (free) marketing on say Instagram before spending more on advertising. 



Clayton Bates 

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