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Hi all,

For some reason I'm struggling to find the section to edit these filters. There are some that I would like to remove. After reading some documents it seems that I could delete them through the code? I dropped an image to understand what I'm looking for, essentially I just need to remove some things on this drop down, Thank you!

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Dear @blakelower 

It can be done by modifying the navigation menu, but need to check your store first. Please share store url

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Hi @blakelower

Please follow the steps:

- Step 1: Go to Online store > Themes > Actions > Edit code.

- Step 2: Go to Assets > theme.scss.liquid and paste this at the bottom of the file:

.collection-tags option[value=...]{

  display: none !important; 


You can add the values you want to hide in the 3 dots. Ex:

.collection-tags option[value=focus-care-range],

.collection-tags option[value=michelle-powell]{

  display: none !important; 


With the value you can find at the link of filter, ex: => value: michelle-powell

Hope it clear to you.

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