Need honest feedback please :)

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Hello everyone!

So I've launched my pug store (for humans and dogs) a couple of months ago. I've been trying to promote my site/products all over social medias, ads, retargeting, seo, etc. but I'm still unable to make any sales!! I have to say, I'm starting to lose faith because I've been putting so many efforts in this and I cannot seem to find why I can't make any sales. I've got between 30-80 visitors/day and 3-5 abandonned checkout/day. I think my site is nice and that I offer a good variety of nice products in a niched market and that I have competitive pricing.

My site is - Feel free to browse all diferent sections to tell me what is wrong!

Thank you so much for your time and feedback, it's really appreciated!!

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Hi there,

I've checked out your website and you did a great job and it's super cute! Of course, it helps that I'm a dog lover, too:) 

Re your abandoned carts - I think I see the reason right away...

it does say free shipping which is fantastic but it also says 5-20 days depending on product. That made me want to leave immediately! You need to specify what is the delivery time for US and international separately and what do you mean by "depending on product". And if that's just a matter of shipping, not production time, you have a good chance capturing many more U.S. orders that way.

2. If you want to really push your conversions, maybe offering a small free yummy bone or a treat with their order could be a good idea.

Hope it helps!


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Hi Pug You, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

Firstly, I want to say, really good work on your store to date. I really like the theme as it offers a professional look and good product photography. You are offering an experience of sorts to the visitor. You mentioned you had tried some promotions through social media and it's garnered some traction but hasn't quite converted into sales. Normally when this happens, it is because the audience it is hitting might not be the best one for your store/ brand. Let's look at some promotion tactics with social media that can help improve that. 

  • Regarding Facebook, your first few ad campaigns should be all based around finding the right audience for your products. This is going to take a bit of testing, but it is an essential part of any campaign. There’s a technique known as the 3x3x3 method that’s a pretty good way of doing this. It's called the 3x3x3 method and it starts out by creating 3 different ads for 3 different audiences with 3 different sets of copy/ images with a small but similar budget for each. After some time, you'll see some of the ads performing better than others and you can begin to drop off the ads which aren't working as well and increase the budget on the ones which are to reach your key audiences. There are some good ads and tutorials online which would be worth your while exploring, one of which you can find here
  • I saw have an active Instagram profile also. This is a great start and Instagram is a great tool to help find/ build an audience for your brand. Lot's of people are dog and pug fans so this puts you in a great position to take advantage of the platform through organic engagement. By organically finding and engaging with like minded people on Instagram while not pushing for a hard sell, they will naturally check out your profile and then store. By doing this, these people are genuinely curious about what you are about and are much more likely to convert for a sale. A top Shopify Expert hosted a podcast with a store owner who has used this method successfully in the past which you can listen to here

As I mentioned you've put your place in a great position to take things to the next level. It's now about finding your audience and going from there. 

Hope this helps and don't hesitate to ask should you have any other questions about anything. 

All the best, Nick

Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify
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