Need some expert advise about my store

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Hello guys
Your probably just going to scroll past this but of you can spare a minute to scroll through my shopify website o would be super glad
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My mom started to make high quality clothes accessible to people especially women at good price but our sales are low. I would definitely like to know how you guys make it. We dont wanna quit 😊
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Hi Martinmatt, 


Congratulations to your mom and you for starting an online store. I will gladly help you out with making more user-friendly and professional. By taking a look at it, I have to admit there are a lot of things to work on, but I am sure it will be worth it. 


Let's go section by section and review it. 


The very first thing that caught my eye was the static navigation bar that you have.


It is great to have access to that from every part of the page (especially when the body of the page is massive and has a lot of information). Once you scroll down the page, that navigation overlays all images and wording which makes it all quite messy and hard to read. I suggest keeping the idea but switching the bar to the one that for instance has on their site. 

Choose a corporate color and try to stick with them. I see your logo is black and white, so try to keep the buttons and widgets in that colors. If you want to add more colors, do that without using too bright colors that take away all the attention. 


Put the wordings that are on the images into a black box and make the font white, that way they are more readable. 


The images that you used are all different size and different quality. Try to choose photos that look like belong to one store, instead of them being all over the place. 


Create a categories section right after the hero banner. 

Display all collections in a more compact grid layout, so that a visitor does not have to keep scrolling your site to find what she needs. Once you have all the categories placed in one place. It will make the store more neat. Especially for sites that sell a big variety of items. 


Since you already have everything separated in navigation bar, you can display the main things on the body of homepage. For instance, you can have featured collections, or items that are currently in demand (if it New year time, you can display more festive dresses there)


Product pages 

That page is overloaded with information. CTAs can motivate people make purchases, but to many of them can get confusing and messy. Try to have only the very essentials there. 


Customer experience 

The page loading speed is low


Make more research on that, take a look on CSS that is not being used, use lazy load to optimize the speed. 

For enhancing customer experience, I suggest using our app Growave  It has over 10 features and does not affect your page loading speed. 


Basically there are two things to focus on 
1) Aesthetics
2) Customer experience 


Once you have that, I am sure you will find your target groups and get started with sales. 


Hopefully I managed to help you, if so please let me know by liking this  post or marking it as a solution. 


Good luck! 



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