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Hi all,

We are building our first Shopify online shop for eye wears, mostly for presciprtion eye glasses. 

Website url: ( 

Password: 12345

I would greatly appreciate if you can take a quick look at my website and provider your candid feedback and review to help me make customer experience more interactive and friendly.

One of main change which we are looking is to display product images in the way it is displaying in brooklyn theme, like all images in full format instead of thumbnail. In curent setting, when we clicks on the Image browser will open full page popup, which does navigation if users simply wanted to see other images in larger size.

We are planing to go live in next 3-5 days, so your feedback really help us a lot.

Thanks in advance!





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Hi Dharna! Maggie, Shopify Partner here :)

Well done on opening new store - you have a great selection of products!

Your top menu is very user-friendly and accessible, which is great.

The promo bar below - consider making the text slightly shorter. The nature of the promo bar almost calls it to be scannable - so it’s best to use only few words [short sentence]:

It would be best if your visitor could “scan” it without reading - you can shorten the sentence so it says: “Grand Opening - Get 70% OFF! 48 hour Flash Sale. Get FREE delivery on orders over $25 - code: FREESHIP”. It contains the same info, yet it’s simpler and quicker to read, and therefore more accessible to all users, which means it will improve your conversion. I would however encourage you to to display one offer at a time - either the 70% off or the free shipping - otherwise it just sounds too desperate and it might give impression your products are low quality.

I noticed that your URLs are the same no matter the collection:

Digital Protection eyeglasses:

Prescription and non prescription glasses:

Reading glasses:

These are the links that connect the sliding images on the homepage. It would be best to make your URLs SEO friendly from the very beginning - such as:

Digital Protection eyeglasses:

Prescription and non prescription glasses:

Reading glasses:

It will be much easier for you to rank for those target keywords with more descriptive and SEO friendly URLs.

Also shorter URLs are better for SEO - you can drop the “/collection/” bit off from the URL.

Trio of featured collections below looks excellent - very accessible, user friendly and easy to follow, perfect. Although reading glasses image for some reason links to ‘swimming-goggles’ collection:

Products display on the homepage - it can feel overwhelming for the first time visitors. You have a fantastic selection for glasses, and with so many designs is perfectly normal to want to display them at once. However, you’ll find that when selling “less is more” - your conversion will be higher if you display less items at once. This paradox is also sometimes called “analysis paralysis”. Customers might feel overwhelmed by the choice and decide not to choose any item. A simple change of layout can help you improve it. Consider displaying only three items per row - on the homepage and on your collection page - and if you have a featured side image, then display only two items per row. See how different your products will look:

Customers can feel comfortable browsing the designs and seeing the difference between each one. When you display all your designs at once, it’s more difficult to see the distinction and therefore make a decision:

Improving the display will help you significantly boost your conversion rate.

I noticed that all of your items are on sale - I’d recommend running a sale for only 10% of your stock at a time - otherwise the discounts don’t feel genuine and people might not feel they get a real deal.

The supporting info on your homepage - is fantastic. I absolutely love the sizing guide, the types of glasses and coating - very helpful and it builds your credibility as a trusted source of information:

Help Center page layout is very close to the left edge of the page:


It feels like the left margin is missing. Compare it with the Contact us page:

Here the border is more prominent making this page much more comfortable to read.

The Help Center page has probably full width template - make sure to update it to a standard page template and the border will be displayed automatically. Otherwise, please look into the coding of this page to see why it displays differently from other pages.

Trio of promo images on the homepage - the About us element is not hyperlinked yet, so make sure to link it to your About us page:

Refund policy - make sure to hyperlink your email address for a one-click contact - see how to do it below - or follow the step-by-step instructions here: how to hyperlink email address.

Product page looks excellent - I really like ‘Ask the Question’ feature - great way to engage with your customers and build a rapport.

The product info tabs look great - make sure to add the necessary info to the Sunglasses Info tab before the launch - or remove it for the time being:


As you include a product info under ‘Description’ you may decide to remove the ‘Sunglasses Info’ tab.

I noticed that your product titles are very short:


The names are great btw! You need to think here also from Google perspective. A product name ‘Cascade’ doesn’t really give Google any information as to which search results to display this product. It will assume it’s a pair of eyewear from the overall website content, but might have difficulty in displaying your product in more specific search results, if someone is looking for: “Wayfarers with Blue Lenses” which would be much more relevant for this product. If this product was displayed in this result, the traffic coming to your website would be much more relevant, and therefore more likely to buy.

There is a way around it - you can have a stylish one word titles for your products as displayed on your website and more detailed SEO meta title as seen by the search engines - this way Google will see more SEO friendly and relevant title and therefore display your website in the most relevant searches.

You can achieve it by SEO optimizing Google snippets for each product - make sure to do it yourself, or invest in affordable SEO packages so a Shopify SEO expert with 10+ years expertise can do it for you:


If you liked this website critique, and would like to request a review of your own store, please click here now:


Best regards,


Shopify SEO expert

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Thanks Maggie for your wonderfully explained and elaborated reviews and feedback on my Shopify website, each and every comments are super helpful and immensely help us to create really user centric and intractive website.

Please see my comments:

  1. Promo bar – Good to get your feedback and will definitely try to make it more shot and effective :)
  2. As you mentioned, I’ll work on the Sliding Images URLs to be more SEO friendly and easier for us to rank target keywords. The way I setup my collection is Eyeglasses, Sunglasses and reading glasses and each has sub collections for Men, Women and Kids. Now Digital Protection and prescription and non-prescription are part of Eyeglasses collections as these are more like lenses choice which user can chose after selecting frame, so I am not sure how I can do that, do you think it would be good if I create separate collection for digital protection, prescription and non-prescription glasses?
  3. Thanks for pointing out that reading glasses collection is displaying swimming-googles URL, look like we have initially created swimming goggle collection and later on rename it to Reading Glasses. Will fix that.
  4. I can't agree you more on displaying three items per row would be more easy for customer to select item, honestly I tried searching how can I make that change in the html/css code change but wasn’t successful to do so. However this is must have for me to do, so I’ll continuously drive deep into it.
  5. Price/Sale – Currently we hasn’t work on that and we are still figuring out to find the best prices and soon we will be finalizing prices and will update same in website before launch, but I am on broad with your ideal on certain percentage of sale items at a time and not every items should be on sale.
  6. Thanks for your kinds word on homepage, we will continuously work on making it more improve to build trust with customer.
  7. Help & FAQ page is coming from the 3rd party App. I will see if I can add left margin there. Absolutely love your feedback.
  8. Refund – Thanks for your suggestion on adding one-click contact and will add that.
  9. Product page tabs – Thanks for your word and yes we need to remove tab “Sunglasses info” from sunglasses products.
  10. Absolutely love your comments on product tile and how we can make it more relevant from google search perspective. This is another must have for us to add SEO meta data on each product and will definitely see if we can take your company help to do so.

Thanks again for your detailed reviews and feedback. Your time and help is greatly appreciated!


Best Regards,