Need your expert feedback on my site

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Just setup my store  2 weeks ago. Here's the address

Hope I can get a feedback from you. Thanks.

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Hey Richard, 

Trevor the Guru here!

I've taken some time to review the site and have some suggestions that I think would be beneficial! I'll dive into them in list form below to keep things organized. 

Home Page Suggestions

  • For your slideshow image, I would look into sourcing a higher quality image the one you currently have is a bit pixelated. You can use free services like Burst, or Pexels to help with sourcing a higher resolution image. I'd suggest looking for an image that falls closer to 1200px by 775px. 
  • Touching on the slideshow, If your theme allows you to, I would suggest reducing the height of your slideshow so that it doesn't fill the entire screen. The less time your customer has to spend finding your products, the less chance there is that they will leave the site. 
  • I would also look into adding a "Shipping" page so that your customers can find the average shipping times for your products. This could be added to your footer or Main menu navigation. 

Collection Page Suggestions

  • I would look into reducing the size of each collection within your collection page area. Currently, you have two large images per row, which causes your customer to scroll and scroll till they find the collection their after. 
  • You also have a red banner per collection image, however, your "Buyers Choice" collection is missing one. It would be worthwhile to add the banner to this collection as well to keep things uninformed!

Product Page / Product Suggestions

  • I would look into narrowing the products that you currently offer as what you have right now is fairly widespread. Focusing on one niche versus trying to have multiple niches can help with narrowing your audience and keep your site easier to navigate versus trying to sift through a variety of products. 
  • A great way to increase your brand image, and entice your buyers is by having great product descriptions. Removing the generic descriptions that Oberlo supplies and writing your own can really help in this case. They don't have to be anything crazy, but adding your own touch to it can really help. We have a great blog post here that can give you some pointers! 
  • I would also suggest looking into removing the product image thumbnails as this takes up a substantial amount of space on your product pages. This would be something that would need to be removed from the coding, however, so for this I would suggest checking out a Small Task Shopify Expert. 

Starting up an online business starts with building your brand image, which consists of marketing, and getting your name out. This can be done through a variety of different ways, however, the most popular methods are through Facebook Ads, and Google Adwords. Shopify has an extensive list of marketing blogs that can help you grow as a business. You can also check out Oberlo's marketing blogs as this is geared more to dropshipping!

I hope you find some usefulness in the suggestions that I've provided above, however, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to respond back and I'd be happy to help!

All the best, 

Trevor M

Shopify Guru