New Anime T-shirt store, looking to launch in 1 hour. Would like some feedback

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Hello all

After months of designing, going through a dozen manufacturers and many more test prints, I will finally be able to launch my Anime T-shirt store!

I will be doing a soft-launch in about 2 hours, opening to public for the first time. 

I am really curious to know what are your thoughts on my store, any feedback much apperciated! 


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edit: password is cliast

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Hey Kayin!

First of all, fantastic job on the site so far, and congratulations on launching your store! I love your logo! Sounds like you have been working hard at it for quite some time now :)

There are very few things that I would change about your site, but I did come up with a couple suggestions:

  1. Perhaps consider a different, more engaging font for your product titles. For example, something a little more reflective of the fonts you used for all of your headers. Your headers jump right out at the customer and instantly grab their attention, but the default font for the product names takes away from the positive attention a little bit
  2. Because the names of some of your products are longer than others, it is causing the product images to not line up with each other the way they were intended and look perhaps not as put together as I am sure you are capable of!

Check out the screenshot attached for a better idea of what I am talking about.

All in all Kayin, I love the store so far! Keep up the good work and I wish you the best of luck with your business in the future!




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Hey Kayin!

Firstly, congrats on launching your store! I agree with Andrew on the points that he's brought up. Image alignment can do wonders for making a site look more professional and slick. A quick edit should do it. Other than that, i've two other comments on your store that i'll share with you :)

  • I saw on your home page that you had this in your introductory paragraph: "Please read our FAQ and like our Facebook page! We also do community requests for new designs." Why not create an FAQ tab in your navigation bar? It'll be a lot easier to spot, and easy to access too.
  • Flash banners. Have you thought about incorporating flash banners into your site? You could totally put your July promotions, or announcements about any upcoming events or new products in a visually appealing and much more attention grabbing banner. Threadsence always does an awesome job at their homepage, you can take a look at it for some ideas!

I hope this helped you, and good luck with your store!

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