New Digital Agency Website Built Entirely on Shopify. Feedback needed.

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Hi All,

I am preparing to launch my website for web and digital services. I built the entire site using shopify on top of the free debut theme. Would love to get some feedback and opinions on areas of improvement. Thanks in advance!


Dakota Smith Custom Digital Agency Site Built Entirely on Shopify
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Not sure how being on shopify specifically is a selling point for a marketing agency but best of luck!

Shopify Partner
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Hi, Dakota! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

I love your website - it is very user friendly and easy to navigate. The featured image is good quality - but the tagline could be more ‘customer-orientated’ - instead of telling about your brand, tell about the benefits it can give your visitors. Focus on giving value and it will boost your conversion rate.

Consider getting a professional domain name instead of my-shopify extension. It will build trust and give your brand more credibility.

Make sure to add more CTAs to improve your customer journey and time spent on the website.

As you improve the store navigation [send customers to other page / collections], it will also extend the time spent on your website [important SEO ranking factor].

Google prefers websites where customers spend longer time browsing, as it assumes the websites deliver valuable content for the visitors. This effectively means that Google gives websites like this a priority in the search results. Make sure to work on extending the time spent on your site, by optimizing each page and making it engaging.

The text area in the middle feels like unfinished element - it’s too much white space; make sure to organize it a little bit better:


Footer - make sure to add an additional navigation here to allow visitors to jump to a new page once they scroll to the bottom, instead of having them have to scroll all the way up. It will help you improve your customer journey.

Service page looks great. I recommend adding a border between the last image and the footer - it will look more polished and professional:


Portfolio - make sure to add a short summary of each project to give people idea what has been done by your agency, what was the initial problem, and what solution have you offered. Please see example of a good Portfolio page.

Contact us - there seems to be a huge gap at the top of the page - is there an image missing?



About Us - consider adding this page. The more content you have, the quicker you’ll start ranking in Google. Make sure to tell more about your brand, your story, what inspired you to start this business, and also add a photo of your team and your warehouse / retail premises if you have one. Add internal links, H tags and bolded key phrases to target your specific keywords. Learn more: How to completely SEO your Shopify pages.


Blog - consider blogging regularly. It’s a great way to bring the most relevant traffic to your store and create a rapport with the potential shoppers. People buy from people, not from brands, so showing your personality and an expertise through the blog posts will have a major impact on your conversion rate [sales per visits].

Blogging regularly will help you reach Google Page 1 quicker. Each time a new blog post is added, a new page is indexed by the search engines. If you were to post once a week, by the end of the first month, your website would double the number of pages indexed by the search engines.

Within a month, your website would go from 10-20 pages in the search engine pool—to 30-40 pages that can possibly be returned in the top spot on Google. Stretch that out over the course of a year and our 10-20 page website now has around 250 pages indexed in the search engines.

Each indexed page adds another ticket to the great Google lottery. The more tickets you hold, the better chance of winning the top spot in the search engine rankings.


SEO score: 45/100

Update your meta title and description - these values appear in the Google search results and are the first thing people see when they come across your site. Your website meta title is name of your business, and meta description is currently empty. Make sure to update these, and add CTA [call to action] and USP [unique selling point] to give visitors a good reason to click your store, and not your competitor’s, when they see your site in the search results. Consider also adding your best-performing keywords. These values appear in the Google search results and are the first thing people see when they come across your site.


H tags - you are currently using only H2 tags within your content. Make sure to use them, and in the right order [H1-H2-H3-H4-H5] and include your key phrases within the tags to tell Google what each page is about. Make sure to use your key phrases when adding the H tags and other SEO elements - using your best performing keywords within these tags will help you drive more relevant traffic.


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