New Homewares Site - Would love to know what you think. DELETE THIS POST

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Hey Guys,

Loving Shopify thus far!

Our site is

It is doing pretty well, would love to double traffic though.

All feedback appreaciated!


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Hey Edward,

Good stuff so far! One thing I noticed was that the images for the bowls under Featured Collections on the homepage confused me for a second. I didn't know they were plates. Maybe if you took a photo of each collection, for example take a picture of the Cotton Bud mug, plate, jug and bowl together, and use that for the photo of that collection.

Just my humble suggestion!

Keep it up and I hope that helps.

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One thing I saw when I was looking at your facebook page is that you are missing the shop function. There is a free app on our app store that you can get that lets you embed your products from Shopify directly to facebook. [this doc explains]( how you can do that. :) 


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