New Kickstarter Campaign - Need Feedback!

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Hi everyone!

We are a footwear company that just launched our first crowd funding campaign for the World's Most Comfortable Heels. Our knowledge is very limited in this field, so we would like to ask your thoughts and comments on our campaign. Feel free to share any insights or experiances that you might have had with crowd funding. Also, are there any marketing or pr agencies that actually work?

You can take a look at our video at :

Thank You!

 Art. S - Co-founder/Designer


Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi Artur,

Stephen a Shopify Guru here :)

I had a look at your Kickstarter Campaign, and from what I can see it's very good you give a lot of information and the offers you give for founders is quite nice. While I am not an expert of Kickstarter campaigns I do know about SEO and driving up traffic to a store. From what I can see from googling your store name, there are a few social media pages discussing your products and showing a lot of love for them I would add these posts to your store's blog page with a link back to the original article.

The more content a store has the better its SEO so updating your blogs reguraly is a good way to keep your current SEO result wich is quite good.

The only Social media platform that I didn't find a search result for was Youtube. Youtube is a fantastic way to spread brand awareness I would strongly suggest starting a youtube channel for your campaign, the videos could be about anything to do with your brand from showcasing the shoes to showing the process behind how they are made. once the video is made add a link to the campaign in the description as well as a link to the store.

These are some of the stores that have had great success with Kickstarter campaigns and the transition to Shopify for the sales and fulfilment

You can reach out to any of our Shopify marketing experts  on this page

Hope that helps, feel free to drop us a line at if you have any other questions. 
Stephen :)

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