New Online Curated Products From Around the World: Feedback Requested

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Hello Community

I am requesting a feedback on my store at I still have lots of tweaks to do and improve some aspects of the store. But I wanted to keep this very simple and free of clutter. The purpose is to bring curated and tested products to consumers so and gradually build trust. 

Waiting to hear from you. 




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Hi @radekusfamily!  

Welcome to Shopify! Congrats on your store! You came to the right place - there is always great feedback from these forums.

A few easy to update first:

  • Your logo: Instead of using text, create a logo to use. 
  • Your favicon: Once you have a logo, add a favicon
  • Link your banner: That’s a huge area too many merchants forget to link. Link to your products. Also, take out the “just launched” message - you spent so much time on it, but your visitors aren’t going to care as much.


  • You would benefit from a more traditional homepage with a horizontal navigation, hero image, collection list, etc. Jumping into your products doesn’t fit your ultimate goal of a clean website. 
  • Run a heatmap to see where people click and how they scroll on your web page. It’ll be interesting to see how far down the page they scroll and what information they don’t click on. 
  • Evaluate your Partner Products to see if it distracts or enhances your customer experience. If it takes someone off of your site, is it helping sell your products? 

Overall, I would give your products a closer look. With a tagline like “curated products from around the world,” I would expect more cultural items like your Indonesian Bali handwoven straw backpack. However, things like your Room Corner LED Reveal Light, Digital Smart Watch and the Golf Practice Net Cage scream drop-shipping instead. 

There’s nothing with the drop-shipping option, but change your tagline from the “around the world” concept. 


  • Contact Us: Link your email address and remove the phone number field - it typically has a high abandonment rate 
  • Privacy Policy: Link the URLs and email address. Hide the partner products on this page
  • Refund Policy: Hide the partner products on this page
  • Shopping Policy: Hide the partner products on this page
  • Terms of Service: Link your email address and hide the partner products on this page
  • About Us: Hide the partner products on this page
  • Newsletter: Get rid of this default message and add value to it. Why would someone want to get your newsletter? Add in a discount like 10% off your order or something that would be more enticing. 


  • Dive into your collections here. Home | Men’s Accessories | Women’s Accessories | Premium Collections aren't really enough. “Premium Collections” doesn’t mean anything to your visitors, and they probably won’t click into it to find out. Try something like Home | Shop All | Accessories | Home decor | Electronics to help your visitors.
  • If you get most of your traffic from mobile, move the Contact Us page to the main navigation as well as the footer.
  • Watch session recordings (like a DVR for your website) to see what happens when someone lands on your store. How do  they navigate to products? Where do they move? How long do they stay on your site before leaving? 

Collection Pages
For reference, I’m on the Men’s Accessories collection.

  • Your filters need an update badly. I stopped counting at 40, and I was just “exclusive.” Your filters have many duplicates and aren’t helpful. If your goal is clean, there needs to be a more efficient way to offer filters than you currently have it. 
  • Again, the Partner Products here aren't working for me. I’m sure there are some  merchants who have success with this, but it distracts more than it helps. 
  • Evaluate your product names. The keyword stuffing is strong on your site, and the product names scream drop-shipping. 

Product Pages
For reference, I’m on the Unique Retro Designer Skull Limited Edition Motorcycle Bike Element.

  • Highlight that free shipping! 
  • Switch the reviews and product details. That’s great that a product is well-reviewed, but don’t forget that they want the details first.
  • For the sizes, make sure the sizes are in inches as well. 
  • There’s no inventory listed, so having an “inventory last updated” date isn’t needed. 
  • For your reviews - keep on encouraging them. In your post-purchase confirmation emails, invite the customer to leave a product review. Also, word of the wise: don’t just feature five-star reviews. Generating genuine reviews will add authenticity to your website. 

You have a great start here. You just need to work on those details to make this a better experience for your visitors. When you use their behavior and experience to drive your updates and changes, you’ll have more success now and in the future. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, live chat and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Cheers - Danny

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