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I have a new site for a single-serve coffee brand that I'm starting and I'd appreciate any feedback you can provide prior to spending money on paid advertising.  Depending on ads, I will also likely direct users to a specific landing page and would appreciate feedback on those as well.  Thanks in advance!


Main URL:


Unique Landing Page 1 - From Ads:


Unique Landing Page 2 - From Ads:


Your landing pages need some work on the design: graphics can be small, fonts sizes all over the place and maybe to much information for what is honest just coffee. Your product pages need even more work though...

Product Page  Feedback

      1. Add a section at the bottom of product pages to show your most viewed/bought items from the site. This can help increase your average order value

      2. Add links to your shipping and return/refund policy on each product page

      3. Make sure each product has 3 - 5 images as that will help someone decide if they want to purchase. A lot of products I saw only had 1 or 2 images

      4. Add a product description as this is how you convince someone to buy on your site. Plus it helps with SEO and ranking in organic search

      5. This is a pretty basic page with no branding or ways to make it standout from any other generic product page.


Your store just needs some tweaks to take it up a level. Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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Hi @latitudes   your site is pretty good
In my opinion, you may put additional pictures of your product or video (of product) or video reviews of your customers(would be awesome!!!)
If your vendor or supplier does not provide or provide only one photo you can use (Shopify data extractor) to get more.