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Hi everyone, 


I have launched my site using Shopify took a good few months to setup everything. Still have a lot of pages to finish but a work in progress. Traffic volume is high "We have gained this over the years" and sales are excellent!. 


Feedback always welcomed! 


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WOW, @PaisleyAuto! Your store looks fantastic! Congrats on the launch, and all of those months of hard work shows right away. 

I see that you’re using Lucky Orange, which definitely makes you ahead in the e-commerce game. I’m one of the founders of Lucky Orange, and I’m more than happy to give you some feedback!

Again, your site looks great. You need to give you and your team a huge pat on the back. You have done a great job!

Before we do anything, I want you to look at your dashboard with a close eye on the device type. It’s located in the same widget as language. Do you get more traffic from mobile or desktop?

Next, by the Widgets button above the dashboard, click on the All Tags drop-down and select whatever behavior tag you’ve created for checkout. Look back at your desktop traffic - is mobile still higher than desktop?

I always like to start here with e-commerce websites because it gives us insight into potential issues and helps prioritize what to focus on. 

Moving on to the feedback.

Right off the back, I found an issue for you on desktop with overlapping buttons and notifications:  



This doesn’t appear to be as big of an issue on mobile, or at least when I looked at it on my phone. If you go into your session recordings, you’ll see my recording from Overland Park, Kansas, USA. 

On the homepage, it looks great but it’s really long. Run a scroll heatmap to see how far people are making it down the page. If they aren’t scrolling much, look at what information is missed. You have some great content buried at the bottom, like testimonials. If most people aren’t making it to that great content, there needs to be some changes. For example, find a different way to promote your blog.

For your main navigation, I had some questions. More specifically, I have questions about your visitors. In your heatmaps, I want you to look at how they are using your navigation. 

In particular, where are they not clicking? Are there pages featured on your main navigation that are filling up space? I know you are still pretty new on Lucky Orange (if you would like me to extend your trial, just say the word), but I would evaluate how they continue to use it. 

There are likely some aspects of your main navigation that aren’t getting many or any clicks. I’m not endorsing removing them completely at this point, but monitor it and consider where it can go to make a bigger impact. It may be a situation where it’s not so much removing it but explaining what it (i.e., Valet Centre). Session recordings would also help here. The more you know how people move around your website, the more you can customize your customer's journey to be easier and better. 

I can’t wait to see how your website continues to evolve and grow. You’re making such impressive strides in the right direction, and I’m excited to see the progress. Be sure to keep us updated!

Cheers - Danny

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