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Hello everyone,

I opened my shopify store a days ago. I have been making improvements to the website to get sales. I am passionate about this business and I like the challenge but so far I made no sale. Would you please check out my store and give me feedback? 

my store is


Thank you in advance!




Hi. Few suggestions. 


Main Menu: I'd only have Home, Products , Contact , About/Story here. Can also add drop down menu for your products. 


Images Home Page: I would resize the images so they're all the same. I'd also add extra product so looks neat. See below. 


Footer: Add About us page 


Sidebar: Home page isn't linking right 


Facebook: Page isn't linking to anything 


Add to cart button: I would change this to something that stands out maybe red. 


Blog Posts: I would add some blogs at least three. 


Hope that helps 



Clayton Bates 

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Hi Aliya,


I guess you're changing a few things right now: ?


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All the best!
Sam, ChaZING Smart Ads

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@Samco Looks like a bunch of your recent posts are more about promoting your app than giving feedback. Those sort of posts don't tend to last long and get eaten by the spam bot. Something to consider since you appear to be on a post frenzy.

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@Jason Appreciate your advice, 

I thought I was more helpful than promoting but I see what you're saying about my recent posts and i'll moderate!


Thx! Sam.

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