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My store has been up for approximately two weeks now. I have had 244 visitors and 0 sales. I have done a couple ads via instagram and facebook. I am active daily on instagram, facebook, and twitter. It is a work in progress with the social media sites as I am not extremely knowledgable on these. I do have one adwords ad. Most of my traffic comes from instagram or direct. Please let me know what changes I can make to my site to make it more appealing. Thank you in advance.



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Hi, Krystina! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

Your store and products look really sweet - the dachshund images in your sliding banner are very enticing. Consider also adding to a banner an image showing one of your products. It will help you boost your conversion rate, as people will be able to see what products you have for sale. It’s difficult to gather it from the current images you have.

Collections and featured product on your homepage look very cute.

Featured blog posts - consider adding more content here, as the white space looks like this element is forgotten:



Footer - consider adding a secondary navigation here to allow your customers to jump to a new page once they get to the bottom of the homepage, without the need to scroll back up. It will help you improve your sales channel [customer journey] and time spent on your website.

Top Menu - consider renaming ‘Collections’ to ‘Shop’. It is more engaging tone of voice and will improve your customer journey [store navigation] through strong CTAs.

Collection page looks excellent.

Product page - has a great layout; make sure to write unique and longer product descriptions, to further improve your SEO. Consider also adding related items to your product page template. It will help you increase your average order value through cross selling. Please watch this video to learn how to add related products to your Shopify store.

About us page - consider adding more content to this page. The more content you have, the quicker you’ll start ranking in Google. Make sure to tell more about your brand, your story, what inspired you to start this business, and also add a photo of your team and your warehouse / retail premises if you have one. Add internal links, H tags and bolded key phrases to target your specific keywords. Learn more: How to completely SEO your Shopify pages.

Contact page - Add a short paragraph [2 sentences] to encourage people to take action. It is a good practice to always write a short intro to each page when optimizing websites. Something along the lines: “Contact us today with any questions. Fill in the form below and click “Send”. We will get back to you within 24 hours” will be perfect.

Shipping Info - consider adding this page, and display your delivery rates table, and inform people more about the shipping process. What couriers do you use? Can they track the parcel? Can you ship to alternative address [like work]? The more info you add and more questions you answer, the more people will trust your store. Trust will then translate into sales = people shop from the websites they trust.

Returns policy - make sure to have a custom, unique policy in place. You still display Shopify standard policy, which lists some of the products you are not selling. Custom refund policy will make shoppers trust you more and it will also help you avoid duplicate content issues from Google.

Still having a problem with the conversion? Make sure to check this video tutorial: No.1 Reason Your Website Is Not Converting.


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Hi Krystina,

I like the design of your store, and the quality photographs. I also think that the reply above has outlined a lot of changes that can be made to the site itself.

Personally, I think the most important thing for you is to target the right people. Being active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is great - but are you using the appropriate hashtags? Are you posting into groups that are specifically created for dog lovers/ creative ideas for pets etc...? I think reaching the right kind of customer is the most necessary first step.

Hope this helps, and if you ever need help with setting up taxes or creating beautiful and automatic invoices, check out our app.

Dia from Sufio