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Site is pretty good.


I suggest to get rid of the fixed Rewards button in the lower left.  Since your store is so new, most visitors don't have rewards built up yet.  And after first purchases, they'll most likely forget about it or not be sure how to use it.  Instead, use the Rewards system differently, via social media and with an email sign-up.  Make those options one or the other, or both selectable for the buyer.  Put that there is a rewards prorgram on the home page, and a link to how it works, but don't use the button in the lower left unless you can get it to work so it only appears for those who actually have rewards based on previous purchasing.


The product listings (not a specific product's exclusive page) need some tweaking and corrective measures.  Certain colors in the drop-down for a product have what looks like a SKU number and then the color.  This may be changeable by going to the specific product in admin, to the variant editor, and changing the variant name or option where that SKU or number is combined with the color.  Delete the number and retain the color, and capitalize all colors for all products, or leave them all non-capitalized.  Certain products only have the number, and no color.  If it's a multi-color product, and/or there aren't any other options other than the one, then try to remove the drop-down for it.  For instance, this product:



number no color dropdown.JPG

For the color drop-down it shows a number, which looks like a SKU.  There aren't other options for that product in color, so remove the entire drop-down for it.  Do it for every product that has only one option in color with the number instead of color designation.  I don't know exactly how to do it, but one way could be what I suggested above.  Go to a product's page in admin, to variants, and modify the variant's name or option data.  It can be modified in the box there, or in the Bulk Editor.  In the image above, the next product has "black", whereas some products (most it appears) are capitalized for color.  Use either capitalized or non-cap.  It's more professional, and consistent, and may also be logistically necessary for warehousing picking and packing.  A product could be at the warehouse in capitalized form (Black), and the order is sent with non-cap (black), and an inexperienced warehouser or somehow the wrong product gets picked.  I used to work retail in shoes at MC Sports, and even at that small scale, a simple inconsistency like that can cause an error or mistake in selection of the correct item, especially when there are similar products with similar variants.


Have the social media links open in a new tab by default.  A visitor's browser settings may or may not override how it is for the web site.  But in the view of navigation ease-of-use, and maintaining a visitor's presence on the site, the link opening a new tab is optimum.  They're currently opening in the same tab, so directing traffic away from the site.  How is it when you encounter such a link, getting moved to a different page that is probably not going to contain what you were intending to see next when multi-page browsing?


The Welcome to Revive Wear page's font is too small.  Increase it by at least several pixels.  It looks like it's size 10, and used for fine print on a badly made coupon.


Use the light purple and pink colors more in the overall site design (light pink sides, light purple border or background for blog entries, etc).  There's too much white space, and those colors used in the Help Centre drop-downs make the text easier to read, and the site more thematic to your target customer base.


I notice some of the products aren't available in certain sizes, mostly the larger sizes I think.  It could be helpful to build a sidebar search set, like in large retail sites only smaller in scale and a bit less technical or clunky.


I think overall the store is looking somewhat nice.  Keep the side margins, the colors (add the light pink/purple from Help Centre to other pages), edit the product listings for consistency and spacing, and ensure all links other than product pages and listings open in a new tab (including policy pages).  Don't let visitors be dragged to a different page and have to click back button to return to a category or product page, or policy page for that matter.  This reduces annoyances and potential slow-loading (it's called sequential page loading, and it causes slow-downs as well as the 404 error page).  Another suggestion, though it may be thoroughly vexing by this time, is reduce the number of products displayed and promoted on the home page.  Make the home page an entrance or introduction, not showing 1/3 of the product offerings.  Thinking of it in terms of navigation and page load efficiency, if I click a product from the home page, it brings me to the product page.  Now I have to click back to the home page to click other products.  But I can only click one product at a time, or open each one in a new tab.  This is going to chew up bandwidth, may become overwhelming, and is at least a bit more disorganized for navigation than viewing products in the category pages.  It'll also likely keep me from seeing other products that aren't on the home page because I think the best deals are probably on the home page.  Instead, a collection link (with an activity- or concept-themed stock photo) for particular deals / discounts can be placed on the home page to those particular products.  If they're not all in the same discount tier, then don't make a collection for them.  Let the products speak for themselves more, and to heck with the discount / promotion strategy.


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Thank you for your feedback. I will work through your advice. I was unsure how to correct the product listing/display but will trial making changes through products. Some of your advice in making changes, I am unsure how to change and may need to ask for directions with this.

Thanks for your time in reviewing my store.

Kind regards




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How is your store doing now after nearly a year from the date of this post?