New Store be great to get some feedback

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HI everyone,


I launched yesterday and would love some feedback if any of you could afford me some time to look at my store.

Thankyou in advance and I look forward to your comments

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Dear @johndrage


That's  a very nice product idea. But you're just half way there, in order to generate sales - you be fixing the below:


1) There are no "About us" "Contact us" pages on your site. A proper well written about us should explain and talk about your brand. This is the most important page on your site.
2) Also i see no "Privacy" or "Terms" pages. 

3) Inconsistent image of products - size.

4) You need product descriptions.

5) Remove powered by shopify and add payment methods.


This is just a quick review. Please let us know if you need support transforming your site. 


-Ali, Your Shopify Expert

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